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seb1802 @ 2014-11-28 02:27:33
seb1802 pictureJeff Greene's Grand Estate
kjfitz @ 2014-11-27 16:53:09
kjfitz pictureSpace shuttle Endeavour's last ride on 747 transporter (historical imagery)
Great find!

skyeye @ 2014-11-26 20:57:20
skyeye pictureSanta Cruz Mountains - Military Installation: Antennas
This is Lockheed Martin's Santa Cruz Facility, whose activities include the Fleet Ballistic Missile program.
skyeye @ 2014-11-26 20:56:50
skyeye pictureSanta Cruz Mountains - Military Installation: Rocket Engine Test Towers
This is Lockheed Martin's Santa Cruz Facility, whose activities include the Fleet Ballistic Missile program.
skyeye @ 2014-11-26 20:56:36
skyeye pictureSanta Cruz Mountains - Military Installation: Underground
This is Lockheed Martin's Santa Cruz Facility, whose activities include the Fleet Ballistic Missile program.
Anonymous @ 2014-11-26 12:01:37
Anonymous pictureCountess Therese de Beauchamp's House (Former)
Villa Fiorentina is owned by the Heineken Family.
kjfitz @ 2014-11-25 11:13:07
kjfitz pictureLegnaro - National lab
Cool facility but I can't see any specific test apparatus. See the NOTES for this category. Sorry.
kjfitz @ 2014-11-25 11:09:38
kjfitz pictureSanta Cruz Mountains - Military Installation: More Antennas
Lockheed Martin Space Systems

"Lockheed Martin staff at the Santa Cruz, Calif., Facility conducts
a full system test of the Post Boost Control System. This system,
which consists of two pairs of solid-propellant gas generators and
four integrated valve assemblies, maneuvers the U.S. Navy’s Trident
II D5 Fleet Ballistic Missile following the separation of all three
boost-motor stages"

Anonymous @ 2014-11-24 21:04:11
Anonymous pictureElvis Presley's House (Circle G Ranch)
Elvis' Circle G ranch is located in Horn Lake, Mississippi not Lynchburg.
SpiderX22 @ 2014-11-24 09:20:06
SpiderX22 picturePeruvian Airlines Boeing 737
SpiderX22 @ 2014-11-24 09:12:35
SpiderX22 pictureHelicopter in flight above Melbourne
No longer there
Anonymous @ 2014-11-23 21:31:37
Anonymous pictureUnknown submarine type (please help identify)
Sierra II
Anonymous @ 2014-11-23 14:40:25
Anonymous pictureShane Filan's House
not any more!! had to let it go.. :( hopefully one day he mite get it back...
mlc1us @ 2014-11-23 06:23:43
mlc1us pictureCruise ship in a drydock
Great find, but the Scavenger hunt is for Google Maps only. Sorry, no Bing maps allowed :(
Anonymous @ 2014-11-21 10:02:58
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
Great days, was stationed at COMSTRIKFORSOUTH 63-64. Transferred there pretty much right after the Cuban Crisis where I had a birds eye view of events. I also recall having coffe with several buddies in the dining room beneath our barracks when we heard the news that President Kennedy was assassinated. We were there when he had visited Naples and his motorcade through the city was stalled by the crowds of people who came out to see him as he passed through the city. We all thought that we...
Fab @ 2014-11-21 09:11:06
Fab pictureSinkhole - Potash Mining
I've been scanning this area for the site, good for you.
Anonymous @ 2014-11-20 18:03:56
Anonymous pictureOrdnance area at Siegelsbach Army Depot
Lance. Was the Duke you handled black and white? I was a puppy pusher there 72-74. Still have a scar on my hand from Duke
WorldCitizen @ 2014-11-20 17:14:08
WorldCitizen pictureMoby's House (Former)
Moby's former house, sold for over $12M in 2014.
jdubble07 @ 2014-11-20 09:38:19
jdubble07 pictureChris Whittle's House
Just re-listed for $140M.
Anonymous @ 2014-11-18 18:20:18
Anonymous pictureCarney Park
Mike Tedesco here. Lived in Parco Azzurro from 83-86 and loved every minute of it. Was there during the transition between no TV and TV. So much to do. Spent so much tiime at Carney Park and yes there was an outdoor movie theatre. Easy bike ride to the park from Parco Azzurro.
kjfitz @ 2014-11-18 16:00:33
kjfitz pictureZumwalt-class destroyer under construction
It is the USS Michael Monsoor.
kjfitz @ 2014-11-18 12:23:25
kjfitz pictureBlackfriars Railway Bridge Solar Panels
Welcome to VGT!
Anonymous @ 2014-11-18 11:56:49
Anonymous pictureJonathan Davis' House
wheres the house
Anonymous @ 2014-11-15 22:43:25
Anonymous pictureMuhammad Ali's House
Extensive gated/fenced property surrounding the home and riverside location make this a gem.
LancelotLink @ 2014-11-14 11:49:35
LancelotLink pictureStatue of Liberty National Monument
Liberty Island now available on Street View.
jdubble07 @ 2014-11-14 11:22:04
jdubble07 pictureDixon Gannett's house (former)
Sold to Gary Nicklaus, son of pro-golfer Jack Nicklaus for $2.5M.
seb1802 @ 2014-11-14 03:26:23
seb1802 picture'Schwimmer Residence' by John Lautner
Anonymous @ 2014-11-13 22:40:13
Anonymous pictureHDMS Esbern Snare (L17)
The Hullnumber of Esbern Snae is L17, not F361!
SpiderX22 @ 2014-11-13 17:34:00
SpiderX22 pictureAirline Jet In Flight
Anonymous @ 2014-11-13 16:39:15
Anonymous pictureDylan Klebold's house (former)
Dylan's parents do still live there. & Eric's parents moved a few months after the shooting
kjfitz @ 2014-11-13 15:36:30
kjfitz pictureOheka Castle
tallturtle82 @ 2014-11-13 13:51:41
tallturtle82 pictureJeff Faine's House
This is now Gerald McCoy's house.
SpiderX22 @ 2014-11-13 10:14:45
SpiderX22 pictureEmirates Airbus A380-800 in flight
Image seems to be removed completely. Not on historic streetview either
Anonymous @ 2014-11-12 19:23:22
Anonymous pictureFormer NSA Naples
I was born in the old hospital on Manzoni. I also went to the old elementary school across the street from the hospital. Later when we got stationed in Naples again, I went to Forrest Sherman H.S. I it had the most spectacular view front the second and third floors. A panorama that some people dream of. I remember the old American park and when Carney park was being built. Carney park had everything. Some of my most memorable memories are from there. All the great games and picnics family and...
pmoore66 @ 2014-11-12 16:47:51
pmoore66 picture'Cincinnati Story' by George Sugarman
SpiderX22 @ 2014-11-12 14:49:32
SpiderX22 pictureChina Airlines Cargo 747 - Approaching LAX
Wrong identification. The cargo plane has no windows.

It's this plane:
China Airlines Boeing 747-400 "50 since 1959" livery [B-18208]

Nice find!
SpiderX22 @ 2014-11-12 14:19:10
SpiderX22 pictureeasyJet Landing
pmoore66 @ 2014-11-12 08:41:28
pmoore66 picture'Stargon' by Robert Perless
pmoore66 @ 2014-11-12 08:29:16
pmoore66 picture'Fisher Center' by Frank Gehry
Anonymous @ 2014-11-11 22:06:45
Anonymous pictureFormer NSA Naples
If you want a pic of Humpty Dumpty, go to my Facebook page: Gail Bassett Wylie. I have 3 Naples albums there, 1 for each of our 3 yrs ~ '74-'77 and they are "Public." Humpty is there in all her glory.
DumodProcurer @ 2014-11-11 21:37:35
DumodProcurer pictureWillis H. duPont's house
In the 1960's, Willis H. DuPont owned an aviation manufacturing company, DUMOD Aircraft Corp., located at the Opa-Locka Airport in Opa-Locka, FL.
I was the Purchasing Manager for DUMOD from 1964-1967. Some of our aviation interior specialists designed, built and installed the coin storage cabinets for Mr. DuPont's coin collection in his Coconut Grove mansion!
jbottero @ 2014-11-11 17:46:11
jbottero picture'Sea Lava Circles' by Richard Long
Ah, but I know... It explores the existential relationship between Man, and his mother the universe at the most basic perhistoric level. Or something.
jbottero @ 2014-11-11 17:22:06
jbottero picture'Sea Lava Circles' by Richard Long
I'll tell you, I love modern art. I've looked at art that people's kids have done and had framed and said "who did that, it's GREAT!" But this I don't know about. It's a fairly small bull's eye made of stones my son could lift.
milwhcky @ 2014-11-10 21:12:35
milwhcky picture1952 Northrop F-89J Scorpion
Thanks for the correction. According the their web site, the museum also features a 1952 T-33A on the grounds. I misidentified it when I posted this back in 2007.
Anonymous @ 2014-11-10 11:51:52
Anonymous picture1952 Northrop F-89J Scorpion
are you sure that this bird is a T33, it seems like an F89 Scorpion?
jdubble07 @ 2014-11-09 19:01:27
jdubble07 pictureKenneth Kades' House
Most have fewer than 5 stores, not nearly 30.
Anonymous @ 2014-11-09 17:40:34
Anonymous pictureKenneth Kades' House
Don't Mc Donalds franchise owners always complain that they make no money?
jbottero @ 2014-11-09 13:09:38
jbottero pictureDamaged Great Mosque of Aleppo
Reduced to rubble in 2013 by ISIS.
jbottero @ 2014-11-09 13:06:43
jbottero pictureRoman Theatre of Bosra
Heavily damaged by ISIS mortar shelling.
mlc1us @ 2014-11-08 15:51:31
mlc1us pictureAerolineas Argentinas into Jorge Newbery Airport.
SpiderX22 @ 2014-11-07 11:42:31
SpiderX22 pictureAerolineas Argentinas into Jorge Newbery Airport.
Wrong airlines. It's a Austral Líneas Aéreas Embraer 190
jdubble07 @ 2014-11-07 06:29:01
jdubble07 pictureDinah Ruch's House
This is the former home of talent manager Charles K. Feldman, who oversaw the careers of Lauren Bacall and John Wayne. He also produced films, including Streetcar Named Desire and The Seven Year Itch. In 1960, Feldman hosted John F. Kennedy during the Democratic National Convention. Feldman also allowed Elia Kazan and Marilyn Monroe to use one of the bedrooms for some of their romantic trysts. Playwright, Arthur Miller, could often be found writing on his typewriter by the pool.
nic @ 2014-11-06 18:42:53
nic pictureChateau Pensmore
Do tell!
skyeye @ 2014-11-06 17:55:25
skyeye pictureChateau Pensmore
Conspiracy theorists have interesting thoughts on this property's real purpose.
Mieguy @ 2014-11-06 12:06:46
Mieguy pictureWoman taking photo of street view car and train
Historic cars in the background aswell.
kjfitz @ 2014-11-04 10:15:45
kjfitz pictureArmed SAM Site
More likely a Patriot missile battery. The Hawk missiles aren't in canisters while the Patriots are.

Anonymous @ 2014-11-01 22:58:05
Anonymous pictureGiant Cow Head
Where are the cow heads. Bring them back home !!!
Anonymous @ 2014-11-01 09:08:13
Anonymous pictureU-Haul #119 - Maine
Very nice walrus !

But i can't figure out the more information when i go to .?
skyeye @ 2014-11-01 08:28:08
skyeye pictureFBI's Most Wanted, Eric Frein, Captured (30 Oct 2014)
WorldCitizen @ 2014-10-31 15:02:02
WorldCitizen pictureReese Witherspoon's House (former)
Reese Witherspoon's former house, she sold it for about $10M in October 2014.
Anonymous @ 2014-10-31 11:42:37
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
As a navy communicator working in tunnel four, I remember a few names.
Chief Buntrock, Chief Hammel, Jack Milewski, LT COL Lietchski, Sargeant Cippoletti. Many others who also attended my wedding reception near the base. 1965
Anonymous @ 2014-10-31 10:56:09
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
Stationed AFSOUTH 1963-1965. RM2 worked in Tunnel Four. Married Italian National. Spent time near Via Manzone, Via Carravagio. Before marriage, frequented couple of local dive bars in Bagnoli (Black and White, Texas Bar).Lived in a flat on the fourth floor (Via Nuova Agnano). Wife's relatives in Capua. She is now deceased. Bought car from manager of Flamingo.

jdubble07 @ 2014-10-31 06:24:12
jdubble07 pictureTom Cruise's House
Rene73 @ 2014-10-31 03:16:21
Rene73 picturePlane in flight
Singapore Airlines, A380
Rene73 @ 2014-10-31 02:26:30
Rene73 pictureMalaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) at Amsterdam
Rene73 @ 2014-10-30 10:42:38
Rene73 pictureCrash Site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (17 JUL 2014)
New Google Earth Imagery
pmoore66 @ 2014-10-30 07:49:13
pmoore66 picture'SANDY: in Defined Space' by Richard Miller
That notice is awesome. Ha.
jbottero @ 2014-10-29 17:51:33
jbottero picture'SANDY: in Defined Space' by Richard Miller
I love the "18 or over" notice to see a sculpture that is on *public* display in a *public* park... Boobies! It's pornography!
Anonymous @ 2014-10-29 13:11:17
Anonymous pictureLuke Bryan's House
This house doesn't look like there's several acres as part of the property
Anonymous @ 2014-10-29 11:47:46
Anonymous pictureStreet art by 2mil
geronimo @ 2014-10-29 06:07:15
geronimo pictureI.R.A.: The Felons Club
how do i purchase a felons polo shirt
Anonymous @ 2014-10-28 14:28:59
Anonymous pictureLea Michele's House
jdubble07 @ 2014-10-27 13:36:58
jdubble07 pictureRobert B. Hass' House
This is a different Robert Haas' House. This Robert Haas is co-founder of Haas Wheat & Partners.
Anonymous @ 2014-10-26 08:46:50
Anonymous pictureWelcome to the East Neuk of Fife
If the word "Neuk" on this welcome sign is translated from Dutch into English, the sign reads: "Welcome to the East F**k of Fife"!
jbottero @ 2014-10-25 14:19:00
jbottero pictureJulia Roberts wax figure
I always thought the "real" Julia Roberts was pretty much a wax figure anyway.
Anonymous @ 2014-10-25 12:54:46
Anonymous pictureArthur S Demoulas' House
I was the nanny for his kids 1991=1993 if only I was a bit hotter this might have been my house. Just kidding! He's a really great guy actually quite "the good" Artie IMHO!
jbottero @ 2014-10-24 17:52:56
jbottero picture'Variable Wedge' by Sam Richardson
Isn't this just a row of "jersey" barriers? Ah, but of course art is in the eye of the beholder...
jbottero @ 2014-10-24 17:48:50
jbottero pictureMarysville-Pilchuck High School - (School shooting site 2014-10-24)
Terrible, terrible thing. I used to live very close to this school, I've lived in Washington for the last 25 years, spent a lot of time up in that "neck of the woods". Kids and their hormones need to stay away from guns.
Anonymous @ 2014-10-24 15:25:03
Anonymous pictureRafael Benitez's House
I live on the same road. There are no apartment blocks on kings drive caldy. Benitez lives for sure as does Ian rush and robbie fowler.
jdubble07 @ 2014-10-24 06:19:04
jdubble07 pictureJason Kidd's house
Listed for sale for $7.995M.
jbottero @ 2014-10-23 19:41:48
jbottero pictureRasin El-Aboud Air Base
Nope, you are correct, KRL...
jbottero @ 2014-10-23 19:39:26
jbottero pictureRasin El-Aboud Air Base
One and the same, KRL.
Anonymous @ 2014-10-23 10:01:43
Anonymous pictureKarl Lagerfeld's House
Wrong location. He did live on Rt. 2 1/4 mile south of the drawbridge. He has since sold it.
WorldCitizen @ 2014-10-23 05:19:23
WorldCitizen pictureJennifer Lawrence's House
Purchased by Jennifer Lawrence for $7M.
SpiderX22 @ 2014-10-22 09:10:58
SpiderX22 picture16 Tornados in flight
SpiderX22 @ 2014-10-22 09:07:17
SpiderX22 pictureAir Canada 65th Anniversary A320-200 Taking Off from Halifax
kjfitz @ 2014-10-20 09:55:29
kjfitz pictureElle Macpherson wax figure
Julia Roberts just to the left too.
KRL @ 2014-10-20 08:02:11
KRL pictureRasin El-Aboud Air Base
This is Rasin El-Aboud. Jirah @ 36-05`; 37-55`.
milwhcky @ 2014-10-19 11:48:46
milwhcky pictureMillstream Speedway
I stopped here for a quick look at the property in September 2012, and it was not in good shape. Good luck to the Hammers to bring this place back to life.
milwhcky @ 2014-10-19 11:40:01
milwhcky pictureKeno Family Outdoor Theatre
Confirmed that the Keno is closing for good at the end of the 2014 season.
Anonymous @ 2014-10-19 07:24:47
Anonymous pictureOrdnance area at Siegelsbach Army Depot
Check out the 556th MP group on Facebook. Niuwfm
Anonymous @ 2014-10-17 22:16:10
Anonymous pictureFort Knox U.S. Bullion Depository
God Bless you all at Fort Knox who take's care of whatever's there. I always pray for you all and if I see you in public I would want to shake you hand are give you a big hug just to show how much I care.THANKS FOR PROTECTING SOMETHING I CAN'T.
jbottero @ 2014-10-17 09:26:03
jbottero pictureSchoonover Assault Landing Runway
With the thrust reversers, it's not a quiet jet on any runway... I see assult landings where I work every day, and it's still fun to watch.
mlc1us @ 2014-10-17 06:27:20
mlc1us pictureI ❤ U written in the sky
Great find!
nico @ 2014-10-16 19:14:03
nico pictureSchoonover Assault Landing Runway
Always wondered how noisy and how much it must rattle to land on dirt with such a big bird....
Anonymous @ 2014-10-15 11:19:44
Anonymous pictureLargest grain elevator in the world
the one in Hutchinson, KS - are you talking about ADM?
Anonymous @ 2014-10-15 10:05:10
Anonymous pictureLucille Ball's House (former)
talking with nazoma ball, lucys sister in law, she said lucy never owned a home in sedona. she had a business center in flagstaff but never lived in sedona.
Anonymous @ 2014-10-14 10:21:57
Anonymous pictureWhere Cary Grant Fled from the Crop Duster in "North by Northwest"
who was driving the pick-up truck that Roger Thornhill stole after the crop dusting plane was involved in an accident?
Anonymous @ 2014-10-13 06:22:23
Anonymous pictureCentral Railroad of New Jersey Terminal (aka Communipaw Terminal)
this is very confusing
milwhcky @ 2014-10-13 00:22:55
milwhcky pictureAbandoned Cement Mixer
In 2011, it was redecorated to look like a NASA space capsule.