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Anonymous @ 2015-07-04 19:12:10
Anonymous pictureEric Alon's House
Hi Mr.Alon Just wanted to wish you a Happy 4th of July with all your family.
jbottero @ 2015-07-04 12:13:47
jbottero pictureFormer Chanute Air Force Base
Also, it now has two active runways.
jbottero @ 2015-07-04 12:12:11
jbottero pictureFormer Chanute Air Force Base
I did my fire fighting training here in 1985. Middle of winter, so cold I wondered how people even lived there.
Fab @ 2015-07-04 06:18:34
Fab pictureAzure Window
Thank you for the information.
kkeps @ 2015-07-04 06:16:17
kkeps pictureAzure Window
Site of the Dothraki wedding feast between Daenerys and Khal Drogo in Season 1 of "Game of Thrones"
kkeps @ 2015-07-04 06:12:36
kkeps picturePlaza de Toros de Osuna
Represented Meeren's fighting pit in Season 5 of "Game of Thrones"
kkeps @ 2015-07-04 06:11:23
kkeps pictureReales Alcázares
Stood in for Sunspear and the Water Gardens of Dorne in Season 5 of "Game of Thrones"
kkeps @ 2015-07-04 05:56:01
kkeps pictureKlis castle
Used to film exterior scenes of Meereen in "Game of Thrones"
kkeps @ 2015-07-04 05:55:25
kkeps pictureDiocletian's Palace
Used to film Meereen's underground passages in Season 4 of "Game of Thrones"
kkeps @ 2015-07-04 05:48:33
kkeps pictureMinčeta Tower - The Walls of Dubrovnik
Used for the exterior and steps of the House of the Undying in "Game of Thrones"
kkeps @ 2015-07-04 05:34:35
kkeps pictureFort Lovrijenac
Used for several scenes in Season 2 of "Game of Thrones", such as King Joffrey's tournament
kkeps @ 2015-07-03 19:43:40
kkeps pictureDownhill Strand ("Game of Thrones")
Used for filming exterior scenes representing the shores of Dragonstone island in "Game of Thrones"
Anonymous @ 2015-07-03 11:31:16
Anonymous pictureThe sheer size is overwhelming!!!
Amazing. Absolutely a sight to see, thank you for sharing
Anonymous @ 2015-07-03 08:12:04
Anonymous pictureYanni's House (former)
That was Linda Evan's house former house. Yanni was her on and off boyfriend until she kicked him out.
jdubble07 @ 2015-07-02 06:08:33
jdubble07 pictureDavid Markin's house (Deceased)
Sold to Citadel founder and CEO Kenneth Griffin in June 2015 for $15.2M. Griffin also owns the surrounding homes at 20, 30, 40, and 50 Blossom Way, which he acquired in 2013 for a combined $130M.
Anonymous @ 2015-07-01 07:11:15
Anonymous pictureLarry Lee's house
Paid $3.95million in 2013
Anonymous @ 2015-06-30 20:44:33
Anonymous picture"Fabric of the Community" by Jackie Kresak
This mural is awesome, a real piece of art. You gotta see this painting.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-30 15:00:27
Anonymous picturePeter Meinig's house (former)
Sold for $4.2million
Anonymous @ 2015-06-30 14:53:51
Anonymous pictureJon Kantor's house
On the market for $5.95million
Anonymous @ 2015-06-30 14:18:21
Anonymous pictureBill Lobeck and Kathy Taylor's house (former)
Just sold for $7million
jdubble07 @ 2015-06-29 12:41:42
jdubble07 pictureRafiq Hariri's £300,000,000 house
The entirety of the contents of the home are going up for auction after the home itself failed to sell.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-28 16:30:36
Anonymous pictureFox Hollow Farm
How much is the price for this beautiful but haunted home?its pretty much priceless for all those poor souls trapped in the woods and the apartment.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-28 01:26:28
Anonymous pictureSammy Hagar's House (former)
he sold this house
Anonymous @ 2015-06-27 14:04:02
Anonymous pictureMairie du 4e Arrondissement de Paris
no photo of Mairie 4e paris how come?
Anonymous @ 2015-06-25 20:17:18
Anonymous pictureBill Murray's House
Nope not his
milwhcky @ 2015-06-25 17:04:58
milwhcky pictureBaer Field Speedway
With a new promoter running the program, the speedway reopened for the 2015 season. I stopped here for a quick look in May, and I found that the dirt track was no longer there.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-25 16:25:27
Anonymous picture'Discobolus' by Marina Warren Nash
what would a piece like this cost/ be worth?
Anonymous @ 2015-06-25 13:01:15
Anonymous pictureJohn Schnatter's House
The wrong architect is given credit, Don Evans did not design it. It was designed by a Louisville based architect.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-25 12:39:50
Anonymous pictureJennifer Lopez's House (former)
Phil Collins just bought this mansion.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-24 12:49:27
Anonymous pictureHarold Pontius' house
His old house was so much nicer and homier. It had a beautiful court yard, terra cotta tiled roof-a spanish style house. I remember the little tiny salamanders darting back and forth and the beautiful hibiscus trees. He is actually nice-as long as you stay on his good side. HIs mother, who has now passed was very sweet and loved going for rides into the country.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-24 05:51:23
Anonymous pictureRichard Hammond's House
Wow 15million £
jdubble07 @ 2015-06-23 06:52:14
jdubble07 pictureAndalusia apartment building
Residents over the years have included Clara Bow, Clair Bloom, Cesar Romero, Jean Hagen, John Payne, Louis L'Amour, and Anna Kashfi (wife of Marlon Brando).
kkeps @ 2015-06-23 06:18:50
kkeps pictureZeke's restaurant
Closed in October 2012
Anonymous @ 2015-06-23 05:45:07
Anonymous picture'Frisbie House' by Andrew Geller
This is not the Frisbie House.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-23 04:14:20
Anonymous pictureArnold Mill Road Castle
The castle was built by Hoyt Henderson from Jasper GA from 1973 to 1977 for Rudy McLaughlin.
Parabellum @ 2015-06-22 17:01:52
Parabellum pictureRainbow Inn (Swamp People)
As a matter of fact, I just saw the episode where the owner said she was closing down. Apparently, the building is in such bad shape it would cost too much to repair.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-22 16:53:17
Anonymous pictureRainbow Inn (Swamp People)
I heard that the Rainbow inn is closing is that true?
kkeps @ 2015-06-22 11:27:13
kkeps pictureGordon Ramsay and the Davide Restaurant owners
Closed in January 2014
Anonymous @ 2015-06-20 16:55:19
Anonymous pictureThitu Island
I wonder how long Vietnam Nam, Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia are going to let this continue to be developed?
Anonymous @ 2015-06-20 16:21:40
Anonymous pictureStrange Reservoir?
Its a stock pond. The Square with a hole in it contains food for the fish. The black ring you see is actually a large tarp to contain the water. Mainly used in areas with porous rocky ground, which wouldnt hold water without it.
Zolof @ 2015-06-20 00:05:27
Zolof pictureTurkmenistan Airlines Boeing 757 - Landing at Birmingham Airport
Anonymous @ 2015-06-18 16:21:54
Anonymous picturePhased array radar
This looks more like a VHF/UHF tropospheric scatter link.
jbottero @ 2015-06-17 21:38:43
jbottero pictureSite of Stardust fire (Feb 14, 1981)
Apparently, it is now a gas station. I assume the original building is no longer there...
Anonymous @ 2015-06-17 20:09:19
Anonymous pictureForest Haven asylum
This the same Anonymous that said he went during the day and at night they are two completely different experiences nighttime was honestly terrifying but fun but if you do go be careful please the time that I went during the night it was me my girlfriend and my other friend and we were adventuring around the place for about two hours. It honesty doesn't seems like they dont have any type or security for the place but one thing I may warn you about is the homeless on my way back (you walk...
Anonymous @ 2015-06-17 16:40:24
Anonymous pictureThe Folger Mansion (former)
My father was a house painter, a laborer. He was also one of the best Dad's ever. My Dad did some painting inside for Mrs. Folger in the 1960's . One evening he had to go to the mansion to get his check and Mrs. Folger told him to bring his wife & children she would love to have us. I tell you she was so kind to us. She showed us around the mansion it was amazing the ceilings to a little girl seemed as if they where 3 stories high, we went into the organ pipe room and you never seen...
mlc1us @ 2015-06-16 12:26:54
mlc1us pictureKirk Kerkorian
jdubble07 @ 2015-06-16 10:43:43
jdubble07 pictureJennifer Lopez's House (former)
Bought by musician Phil Collins for $33M in 2015.
KRL @ 2015-06-16 07:40:55
KRL pictureChinese installation on Mischief Reef
Anonymous @ 2015-06-15 13:47:18
Anonymous pictureLockheed Super Constellation & Nord Noratlas
Currently Mirage III & Nordatlas N°18
mlc1us @ 2015-06-14 13:04:08
mlc1us pictureForest Haven asylum
Directions from Baltimore:
Anonymous @ 2015-06-14 11:39:56
Anonymous pictureForest Haven asylum
Where exactly is this place? I've done my research and am dying to visit but don't know how to get there from Baltimore.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-14 07:44:12
Anonymous pictureOrdnance area at Siegelsbach Army Depot
Joe Dunbar here. Was at Siegelsbach from 84-85. My last days there involved me telling a Sgt to go F himself after he told me to get on my feet in the central tower. I didn't know who he was when I told him that. I got a AR15. Mostly I smoked a lot of hash, drank a lot of beer and hung at the VIP in Mosbach. I remember getting about 3.5 DMarks to a dollar and living large. My old girlfriend Marietta Kriet was a bonus. Oh the times I had. One sad thing was a black dude who was a friend...
nico @ 2015-06-13 19:46:46
nico pictureLaunch site of Iranian cruise missile
Yeah, Iran got a couple of them from Ukraine and they have "successfully" reversed engineered them.
jbottero @ 2015-06-13 17:47:00
jbottero pictureLaunch site of Iranian cruise missile
Perhaps a copy of one of these:
pmoore66 @ 2015-06-13 17:41:23
pmoore66 pictureSteven Holl's House
Anonymous @ 2015-06-13 01:39:09
Anonymous pictureForest Haven asylum
I went to this place about a week once during the day and once at night if anyone has any questions I'll be glad to try and answer them
Anonymous @ 2015-06-11 12:23:20
Anonymous picturePhil Collins' House
House is sold now.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-10 13:03:54
Anonymous pictureCarnival Cruise Ship 'Fascination'
The Ship is now merged with the Carnival Victory
MicahThomas2012 @ 2015-06-09 16:34:51
MicahThomas2012 pictureHartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL)
I have been there July 4th 2014
nico @ 2015-06-08 15:31:05
nico pictureSemipalatinsk Test Site
Anonymous @ 2015-06-07 13:21:11
Anonymous pictureHunter's Antiques & Objects D'art
We have moved to 33755 9th Ave . So. Federal Way , Wa.
as of 1/1/15
Anonymous @ 2015-06-05 17:26:26
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
Hope every one knows that YES the flamingo was on the hill, BUT it burnt to the ground in 1987? never rebuilt. I was stationed there in 1980-1994 @ naval Communications Master Station Mediterranean, we occupied 1/2 of building Q the 1st building to the right of the gate, p the stairs. The duty free shops were in building L the back left building on the quad. With the exception to tonys hardware in the basement of the building next door under the Italian army's headquarters. The entire base has...
kjfitz @ 2015-06-04 13:18:08
kjfitz pictureNorth Korean military base
I've updated the coordinates...
kjfitz @ 2015-06-04 10:47:38
kjfitz pictureConcert at Saitama Super Arena
"5 Seconds of Summer" aka 5SOS, an Australian pop punk/pop rock band.
Anonymous @ 2015-06-04 07:59:23
Anonymous pictureNorth Korean military base
Is there coordinates? I cant find it on maps
geekmetal @ 2015-06-04 07:45:00
geekmetal's Corporate HQ (former)
this used to be the VA Hospital, has not been for quite some time, for awhile it was Amazon HQ. that has changed. i think amazon moved their HQ to Lake Union.
geekmetal @ 2015-06-04 07:41:03
geekmetal pictureNorthern Exposure: Talkeetna, AK
that is not what i said, i said THIS LOCATION is not a filming location for that show as it was filmed in roslyn.
geekmetal @ 2015-06-04 07:37:48
geekmetal's Corporate HQ (former)
that building is super creepy. always reminded me of the building in ghostbusters. there are rumors that the place is haunted.
jbottero @ 2015-06-04 07:37:03
jbottero pictureNorthern Exposure: Talkeetna, AK
Thus the show WAS filmed there, as well as other locations. You original comment says Roslyn was not a filming location, and that simply is not accurate. You're being pedantic.
geekmetal @ 2015-06-04 07:03:17
geekmetal pictureNorthern Exposure: Talkeetna, AK
umm all of the exteriors of the town were filmed in roslyn, wa. the interiors were in a warehouse in redmond, wa.
jbottero @ 2015-06-04 06:44:15
jbottero pictureNorthern Exposure: Talkeetna, AK
So the exteriors along with some street scenes that are quite clearly buildings in that town were not actually filmed there? Got it!

In fact quite a bit of production did take place there.
geekmetal @ 2015-06-03 23:16:19
geekmetal pictureNorthern Exposure: Talkeetna, AK
this is not a filming location.. just because it's based on it doesn't matter.. there are lots of places that on film are supposed to be some place but in reality it's somewhere else intirely
kjfitz @ 2015-06-03 11:36:23
kjfitz pictureAnantara Kihavah Villas
Thanks. That's it.
mlc1us @ 2015-06-03 10:52:18
mlc1us pictureAnantara Kihavah Villas
Anonymous @ 2015-06-02 20:16:36
Anonymous pictureConchita Wurst
Not all drag queens are Conchita Wurst. Looks nothing like her.
jdubble07 @ 2015-06-01 12:16:53
jdubble07 pictureNile Niami's House
The completed price is now up to $500M, will feature a main house and 2 guest houses totaling over 100,000 sqft. It will include a 45 seat IMAX theater, 30 car garage, casino, and "jellyfish room"
jdubble07 @ 2015-06-01 04:56:11
jdubble07 pictureZac Efron's Gate (former)
Who allowed the editorial BS about his net worth and blowing through it? He's also not dating Michelle Rodriguez... never was. He's dating model Sami Miro.
Anonymous @ 2015-05-30 14:05:36
Anonymous pictureOak Alley Plantation
Despite rumors, Django Unchained was not filmed at Oak Alley Plantation. Even the publicist for the film got this fact wrong.
milwhcky @ 2015-05-29 19:58:18
milwhcky pictureTellico Dam
On Street View maps, the coordinates that you see are the location of where the photograph was taken (from the bridge), which is generated automatically from the Google map URL. Coordinates from satellite and aerial photo maps are somewhat accurate for the intended subject.
Anonymous @ 2015-05-29 19:34:47
Anonymous pictureTellico Dam
The coordinates given are incorrect for this dam, they point to a bridge over the river to the north of the dam. The correct coordinates are 35.777889, -84.259740

jdubble07 @ 2015-05-28 13:39:18
jdubble07 pictureWitanhurst House
It's owned by Russian fertilizer billionaire, Andrey Guryev, but is occupied by his son and his wife.
Anonymous @ 2015-05-27 21:40:33
Anonymous picturePornic War Cemetery
My grandfather is buried here. He died on the Lancastria. His name was Julian Thomas from England. As my mother was his only child my sisters and I are his only descendants. I would like any information in obtaining photos or commemorative items available. Please send any information to: Julie Manarin Cooper. 4000 E. 134th Street Lot 540. Chicago IL 60633. USA. Thank you.
jdubble07 @ 2015-05-27 18:56:58
jdubble07 pictureAlbert Zesiger's Island
This is the former home of lyricist and performer Billy Rose. Rose frequently used the island to entertain celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Barbra Streisand, and Maureen O'Sullivan.
As of May 2015, the listing price of the island has dropped to $11M.
MicahThomas2012 @ 2015-05-27 17:40:08
MicahThomas2012 pictureChinook Winds Casino
I have been there they have a good buffet
kkeps @ 2015-05-27 06:24:38
kkeps pictureGeorgia Music Hall of Fame
No longer there, now has become Mercer Medicine
Anonymous @ 2015-05-26 15:37:03
Anonymous pictureBoxing Glove Shaped Pool
When I was a kid in 1980 me and a few friends got to ride our skateboards in this amazing boxing glove pool .
kjfitz @ 2015-05-26 15:26:36
kjfitz pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
1969-1973... I remember going to the big pool on AFSOUTH and listening to Niel Young and America on the PA system, the snack bar in the basement of the NSA building, the anticipation of Toyland opening every year, those big tourist buses they used for school buses, the Boy Scout troop on AFSOUTH, the big playground next to the school, and going to the matinee movies at AFSOUTH before heading up the hill to bowl on the junior bowling leagues.
jbottero @ 2015-05-25 21:29:22
jbottero pictureWinter lights
Anonymous @ 2015-05-24 19:04:10
Anonymous pictureAthens Tower 1 (tallest building in Greece)
Interamerican is not a bank. It's an insurance company.
Anonymous @ 2015-05-22 09:55:02
Anonymous pictureEminem's House
Nice house
Anonymous @ 2015-05-21 16:17:25
Anonymous pictureOrdnance area at Siegelsbach Army Depot
i was there 86-89. hated EVERY minute of working there.
kjfitz @ 2015-05-20 12:10:55
kjfitz pictureDupuy de Lôme (A759) signals collection ship
Yup. Good research. Thanks!
mlc1us @ 2015-05-20 10:46:21
mlc1us pictureDupuy de Lôme (A759) signals collection ship
Date & place match up with French Navy A759 FS Dupuy de Lome
Anonymous @ 2015-05-20 08:18:44
Anonymous pictureOrdnance area at Siegelsbach Army Depot
I was in Siegelsbach in 1960 assigned to the 101st Ord Bn HQ. Later that year we moved in to Heilbronn. Both the 23d Ord Co and the 525th Ord Co were part of the battalion. It was a special weapons maintenance battalion. One of the company commanders of the 525 went on to become a 3-star and the S2 of the 101st Ord Bn went on to become a 2-star. I left an E4 and went on to retire a Major. Ron Scurry
fin @ 2015-05-19 00:49:03
fin pictureBikuben Kollegiet Ørestad
On VGT Googlemaps runs on Yahoo.
jbottero @ 2015-05-18 22:00:43
jbottero pictureBikuben Kollegiet Ørestad
Why does the Yahoo thumb show the Google image?
Anonymous @ 2015-05-18 19:40:27
Anonymous pictureBruce Knox's house
Designed by Frances Allen-Knox
Anonymous @ 2015-05-18 18:42:29
Anonymous pictureKim Kardashian & Kanye West's House
They have recently put this home on the market and have bought another home and are currently living in it, in Hidden Hills.
Anonymous @ 2015-05-18 11:21:40
Anonymous pictureTraffic jam on FDR Drive
What is happening on Fdr Southbound?
Anonymous @ 2015-05-18 07:27:59
Anonymous pictureRemains of Monkwearmouth Colliery / Wearmouth Colliery loading docks
The stone boat used to load there. Wearmouth didn't have a pit heap so the boat was loaded, went out to sea and discharged there.