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Anonymous @ 2017-10-18 11:43:41
Anonymous pictureBOMARC Missle Site - 74th ADMS
Stationed there in 1996-1968. In those years there could not have been a better duty station. I left in '68 after a motorcycle accident.
gespin3549 @ 2017-10-17 19:32:18
gespin3549 pictureFormer NSA Naples
Check out this video I created "walking" through BING Maps in Agnano:
borlefborlef @ 2017-10-17 01:37:22
borlefborlef pictureJames Marlas' House
He was married to glenn close
mlc1us @ 2017-10-16 15:18:30
mlc1us picture'Pawn' by Sidney Buchanan
As of Oct, 2017 the piece is not visible in Google Maps. It is hidden by a tree.
JohnRobie @ 2017-10-15 14:41:03
JohnRobie pictureEmpress Augusta's effigy
Thank you for posting. May I add a slight correction: Her name was Auguste. Auguste Viktoria von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg.
Anonymous @ 2017-10-14 17:45:32
Anonymous pictureTom Petty's House (Former)
That was Jane’s house after the divorce. Tom bought a home on the intracoastal across from 7650 A1A Beach Blvd S. House was fab. Snce been sold & razed.
Anonymous @ 2017-10-14 15:42:27
Anonymous pictureSteve Rayman's House
Steve is a great guy and the hardest working dealer in the business. He is deserving of his hard earned rewards. -Jim Shores
Anonymous @ 2017-10-13 18:46:54
Anonymous pictureGarret Hobart House (former)
Back in the early 90's I lived in this house with my husband and 3 small children. Lots of supernatural activity back brewing in the middle of the night...Baking smells at 3-4am...Voices (we all heard them..An elderly woman) anyone else have similar experiences there?
Anonymous @ 2017-10-10 18:27:04
Anonymous pictureBobby Jones' House (former)
"Bobby Jones was a career amateur, He never turned professional" And still Bobby Jones was one of golfs Greatest Players.
Anonymous @ 2017-10-10 13:01:19
Anonymous pictureBOMARC Missle Site - 74th ADMS
Stationed there 1966-69. Great duty station. Barracks was Cascade hotel in Down town Duluth, MN.
jdubble07 @ 2017-10-10 09:11:09
jdubble07 pictureStephen Paddock's House (Las Vegas Shooter)
Both UK and Australian news sources list her as being of Indonesian decent, despite having family in the Philippines.
jdubble07 @ 2017-10-10 09:09:47
jdubble07 pictureJames Corden's House
Purchased by James Corden for $10M.
Mieguy @ 2017-10-10 08:32:27
Mieguy picture'Oceanwide Center' by Foster + Partners under construction
In Streetview you can actually see the deconstruction of the old building and not the construction of the new one. I dont know how you handle this.
Anonymous @ 2017-10-10 03:37:10
Anonymous pictureRobbie Williams' House
It wasn't bought by Robbie Williams, sadly!!
Anonymous @ 2017-10-09 23:48:30
Anonymous pictureFormer Camp Hialeah (U.S. Army)
I spent two tours of duty at Hialeah, late 50s and mid 60s. Lots of great memories. Loved Pusan as it was then.
Anonymous @ 2017-10-09 15:57:46
Anonymous pictureGeorge Strait's House
Photo gallery @ Sotheby's International Realty website shows no furniture in the house. Looks like the Strait family already moved out.
Anonymous @ 2017-10-09 09:20:46
Anonymous pictureCamp Liberty Bell
I helped build Camp Liberty Bell 1966-1967. Was one of 14 wounded Aug 28th 1967, C Co 76th Engrs. Looking for others who served at that time.
bman1510 @ 2017-10-08 18:24:55
bman1510 pictureMick Cronin's House (Former)
House sold on 1/2/2015
Anonymous @ 2017-10-08 17:03:26
Anonymous pictureStephen Paddock's House (Las Vegas Shooter)
Marilou Danley is Filipino, not Indonesian.
Anonymous @ 2017-10-08 14:38:18
Anonymous pictureGeorge Strait's House
The House is for sale on the Sotheby's International Realty website 78257
Anonymous @ 2017-10-07 18:04:41
Anonymous pictureKainji Dam & Lake
There is an Airport southwest of the Lake. Its a busy Military Airport and seems ( Rumours) a place for keeping political prisoners. Used to be where some Military planes were stationed permanently,
Anonymous @ 2017-10-07 14:29:54
Anonymous pictureSR-71 Blackbird crash site
Visited the site 10/07/17. The site remains as it was in 2012. There are hundreds of small pieces of metal and other debris scattered across a field about 100 yards long. The site is actually fairly easy to reach, but (a) have a 4x4 and (b) do not try this after a recent rain, as a large section of the key access road becomes a string of ponds and mud holes.
Anonymous @ 2017-10-05 18:47:55
Anonymous pictureFormer Nuclear Weapons Bunkers at Orlando International Airport
The only vehicles I see going into the compound are Customs/Border Control trucks/SUVs. I pass by several times a week.
SpiderX22 @ 2017-10-05 11:41:05
SpiderX22 pictureHelicopter heading to Penzance
Cornwall Air Ambulance MBB Bo 105
Anonymous @ 2017-10-04 04:19:30
Anonymous pictureBob Seger's House
nice home
Anonymous @ 2017-10-03 06:15:50
Anonymous pictureLouis Edward Nolan Statue
Excellent Memorial designed and built by Gordon Newton, The Stone Shop East Farleigh, Maidstone. Other commissions include The Battle of Britain Memorial Wall at Capel-le-Ferne in Kent and The 'Channel Dash' Memorials in Dover and Ramsgate.
malibu1 @ 2017-10-01 11:04:39
malibu1 pictureTed Sarandos & Nicole Avant's House (Previously Leased by Janet Jackson)
Janet Jackson previously rented this home, however it was owned at the time by LA-based financier, J. Blair Frank. It is now currently owned, and just purchased by Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, and his wife Nicole Sarandos who bought the home in September, 2017 for $20 Million. Read more about this all here: ...
Matheus_ @ 2017-09-30 17:44:44
Matheus_ pictureMacDonald Motorsports
Now home of Premium Motorsports.
Anonymous @ 2017-09-28 16:16:53
Anonymous pictureIndigenous village - Xingu Indigenous Land
Area where the lost city of 'Z' may be.
MelvinFromOklahoma @ 2017-09-27 21:40:30
MelvinFromOklahoma pictureMasiela Lusha's House
This house is currently for sale
Anonymous @ 2017-09-27 13:54:31
Anonymous pictureTexas Taco
This restaurant was torn down in 2016 and a wine/liquor built in it's place.
Anonymous @ 2017-09-27 10:51:27
Anonymous pictureRichie Kotzen's house
Richie moved from this property in 2017. He probably now lives near Malibou lake. I don't know the new address
pmoore66 @ 2017-09-26 15:45:45
pmoore66 picture'Right Away Redy-Mix' by Holt Hinshaw Pfau Jones
Dania @ 2017-09-23 07:44:43
Dania pictureFormer Lufthansa Boeing 737-200 "Landshut" (D-ABCE)
This morning the plane came back to Germany in two Antonov 124 transporters. It arrived at Friedrichshafen where it will be restored an get it's old Lufthansa Landshut colours. 2019 it will be ready at the Dornier museum.
SpiderX22 @ 2017-09-22 23:13:27
SpiderX22 pictureAlbuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
There's even more if you turn the camera around. Probably 100s of them!
Anonymous @ 2017-09-20 17:19:11
Anonymous pictureAllied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)
What memories!! I worked in CINC South from '84 to '88 and had some great times there. Anyone else remember Bagnoli Joe's pizza?
Anonymous @ 2017-09-20 01:36:41
Anonymous pictureBono's House
BermudaBreeze you're 100% correct; it was my great-aunt's for decades until her passing. She tried to gift it to Vassar (her alma mater) but it wound up in the French courts and eventually, with Bono.
Anonymous @ 2017-09-18 17:20:16
Anonymous pictureMartin Luther's grave
possibly the greatest catholic priest ever!
SpiderX22 @ 2017-09-18 15:12:08
SpiderX22 pictureCargolux 747 landing at AMS
Google Maps gets new imagery slower than Google Earth (i.e its visible in GE now but not yet GM). Nice find!
Anonymous @ 2017-09-18 14:59:03
Anonymous picture"The Simpsons" Replica House
Has since been blurred
Anonymous @ 2017-09-18 04:08:08
Anonymous pictureSagamore Hill
Beautiful home and museum.
A great National Park and tribute to a truly great American President.
Anonymous @ 2017-09-17 16:04:52
Anonymous pictureNortrud Haas-Villones House
wrong owner!
BermudaBreeze @ 2017-09-16 02:20:41
BermudaBreeze pictureBono's House
It is not a is 100% Bono's House
Anonymous @ 2017-09-15 19:04:01
Anonymous pictureBono's House
this is not bono's house. this is a hotel called eze les roses.
Dania @ 2017-09-15 18:30:25
Dania pictureBlondin - tightrope walker
Sculpture by Paul Richardson.
More to it here:
Anonymous @ 2017-09-15 17:07:09
Anonymous pictureSunk and sinking ships
My family too the bergensfjord2 from Norway to New York, rode through the tail end of a hurricane and made it safely on that wonderful ship.My memories of that ship will always be cherished. Truly love that old ship
Anonymous @ 2017-09-14 15:39:54
Anonymous pictureRichard Dean Anderson's House
Beautiful Home...he's a great dreamer.....
Anonymous @ 2017-09-10 15:46:15
Anonymous pictureDavid Jason's House
What a star ,we always say that there will never be another but in mr jasons case this is true ,hes one of the true greats of tv
Anonymous @ 2017-09-09 23:08:00
Anonymous pictureWaco Chamber of Commerce Building
My sister and I visited Waco, Tx to visit the Silo's. We had multiple awesome experiences in the three days we spent in Waco. The people of Waco are extrodinary! We had a shop owner at Sironia that gave us a ride back to our car, she insisted. We left a shopping bag at Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant and 24 hours later we picked it up, everything was there. Waco Tours was phenomenal! Taught us history, cultire. Fun and frolicking. I would recommend this wonderful city to everyone. I can not...
Anonymous @ 2017-09-09 06:46:58
Anonymous pictureCastle Casino
that cool
nickelbackfan1993 @ 2017-09-07 18:02:48
nickelbackfan1993 pictureWorld flags in Seattle
the American Flag is also in there
Tabikamome @ 2017-09-06 22:45:15
Tabikamome pictureThe Fuji at dock in Nagoya Port
Wow, impressive ship! I went to Nagoya two years ago. It has a great local cuisine too.
cthippo @ 2017-09-04 15:09:52
cthippo pictureRichmond CA shipwreck
@anonymus, If true, that's a big deal (in my world anyway, pretty sure no one else cares ;) )!

Can you share your source for that?
Anonymous @ 2017-09-04 13:34:15
Anonymous pictureRichmond CA shipwreck
My research has revealed it is a coast guard cutter which is a sister ship to the USS Potomac . BTW there is a second wreck located right next to this one. - possibly a wreck of one of the ferry boats? You can only see it a very low tide. Some satellite shots of the area reveal the ghostly outline of this second wreck.
Anonymous @ 2017-09-04 02:23:01
Anonymous pictureThree Rivers Stadium (demolished)
wasnt it imploded circa 1999?
Anonymous @ 2017-09-03 23:07:06
Anonymous pictureLetters In El Paso
The C is for Cathedral High School, not Coronado. There is also an "I" above Hondo Pass in Northeast El Paso for Irvin High School.
Anonymous @ 2017-09-01 20:51:25
Anonymous pictureRed River Waterway, Lock and Dam No. 4
who is the lock master at lock and dam 4
mlc1us @ 2017-08-31 15:08:16
mlc1us pictureSpruce Hole Bog
Thanks @Anon!
Anonymous @ 2017-08-31 10:14:27
Anonymous pictureSpruce Hole Bog
It's "bog" ;)
Anonymous @ 2017-08-30 23:21:30
Anonymous pictureTerry Weeks' House
Terry Weeks shares this house with wife Sherna and family.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-29 13:02:48
Anonymous picture'LillyPad house' by SpaceLineDesign
very cool looking house, would like to see inside!
Anonymous @ 2017-08-27 10:24:31
Anonymous pictureAircraft carriers at Bremerton
Enlarge one more step, and there are now 6 carriers, including Nimitz now in dry-dock. Alan
jbottero @ 2017-08-26 20:54:29
jbottero pictureUniversity of Michigan Test Track
Note on the left of the image what is left of an older test track of some type.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-24 10:48:40
Anonymous pictureSylvia Plath Suicide House
The same house on Fitzroy Road was also once occupied by the Irish poet and Nobel laureate WB Yeats.
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-24 09:42:23
jdubble07 picturePeter Dinklage
Yes, he purchased Frances McDormand's old house in 2009.
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-24 09:41:22
jdubble07 pictureFrances McDormand's House
Currently the home of actor Peter Dinklage.
Alephs @ 2017-08-24 08:59:08
Alephs pictureMichael Ovitz' house
The link is dead.
Fab @ 2017-08-24 03:34:14
Fab pictureRussian Backfire Bomber
No longer there.
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-22 09:19:37
jdubble07 pictureMichael J. Berman's House
This is the former home of Jack Welch, who was chairman and CEO of General Electric.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-21 14:56:44
Anonymous pictureSimon Zar's House
Good layout
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-21 14:32:30
jdubble07 pictureStacie Halpern's house
Through Google BEV appears as though the home has been completely remodelled.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-21 13:16:17
Anonymous pictureMitchel AFB, Long Island (abandoned)
Looking for Bill Bond Or Bill Bonds, possibly my father. Stationed at Mitchel in 1951.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-21 10:23:42
Anonymous pictureCulp air strip (abandoned?)
Anonymous, do you know the history of this Culp airstrip. Do you know if C.F. Hawn fwy and Prarie Creek Rd was under construction in the early 60's?
Anonymous @ 2017-08-18 17:10:17
Anonymous pictureThe New Yankee Workshop
Not to be rude, but that's not the location. If you view the show you'll notice that the front of the workshop does not match the front of that house. The New Yankee Workshop isn't attached to a house, the roof line has a drastic slope on one side, there's a track for the sliding barn door, and a window centered over the door. The house you have pictured has none of those things.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-16 15:59:25
Anonymous picturePink's House
this is the property next door to P!nk's house...
Pink's house has the small lake/pond, vineyards, and if you zoom in you can see Carey's dirt bike track and even some jumps.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-15 08:58:28
Anonymous pictureVolcano craters in Valle de Santiago
Does anyone have information on how the wires were installed that go across the center of the volcano?
Anonymous @ 2017-08-14 12:57:03
Anonymous pictureDunmovin estate
One correction, the thieves in 1954 were captured & most of Zerk's belongings were returned to him.
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-14 11:42:16
jdubble07 pictureDowntown Mall
The northern part of the intersection was the location of the 12 AUG 2017 killing of Heather Heyer by James Alex Fields, Jr., during a white nationalist march, by Fields driving his car into a crowd of counter-protestors, killing Heyer and injuring 19 others.
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-14 09:42:27
jdubble07 pictureDwyane Wade's House (former)
The home was purchased by Orlando Padron, vice president of Piloto Cigars.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-14 08:11:24
Anonymous pictureRonald & Nancy Reagan's House
This house was purchased by the owner of the neighboring Chartwell Estate, and has been demolished.
Anonymous @ 2017-08-14 06:21:29
Anonymous pictureRobert Edward Lee Sculpture
Anonymous @ 2017-08-10 13:41:21
Anonymous pictureHarry Redknapp's House
now at solaris on banks road
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-09 16:10:10
jdubble07 pictureLisa Marie Presley's house (former)
Kirstie Alley also owns the green roofed house immediately to the north.
ijikluz @ 2017-08-09 04:51:18
ijikluz pictureBeverly Hillbillies Mansion
Anonymous @ 2017-08-08 19:46:31
Anonymous pictureUltimate Homes 2006 #11
jeff bezos house now.
pmoore66 @ 2017-08-07 21:49:05
pmoore66 pictureMassaro House ("inspired by" FLW)
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-07 10:18:26
jdubble07 picture'Taggart House' by Lloyd Wright
This is the home of actress and model China Chow, who is the daughter of Michael Chow, founder of Mr. Chow's.
Mieguy @ 2017-08-03 19:24:43
Mieguy pictureVenus Fort
Anonymous @ 2017-08-03 09:26:05
Anonymous pictureLeRoi Moore's House (former)
This was NOT LeRoi Moore's FINAL home and the site of his accident. He did, however, own this property, at one time.
jdubble07 @ 2017-08-02 16:06:50
jdubble07 pictureDuane Roberts' House
Roberts' wife, Kelly, has reportedly been hand-picked by Melania Trump to become the U.S. Ambassador to her homeland of Slovenia. Duane and Kelly are major republican donors, having given more than $1.2M to GOP candidates over the past year, including $50,000 to Trump's super PAC, one month prior to the election.
Anonymous @ 2017-07-30 23:20:00
Anonymous pictureAbandoned Missile Silo
Are any over these missile silos totally abandoned and able to explore?
Anonymous @ 2017-07-27 13:56:03
Anonymous pictureTom Holland's House
I doubt he would,you know so fans won't break in or always be at his door step anxious to see him
Anonymous @ 2017-07-27 13:10:54
Anonymous pictureDwight L. Stuart's House (deceased)
It appears this his son, Dwight Stuart, Jr., still owns this home and presumably lives here.
jdubble07 @ 2017-07-26 13:55:41
jdubble07 picture'Case Study House No. 18: Fields House' by Craig Ellwood
This is also the former home of baseball Hall of Famer, Hank Greenberg.
jdubble07 @ 2017-07-25 22:49:24
jdubble07 pictureMichael Landon's House (former)
Was owned by philanthropist Wallis Annenberg who purchased the home in 2006 for $22.75M. She sold the home in an off-market deal to billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller for $36M in Summer 2017.
Anonymous @ 2017-07-24 04:36:29
Anonymous pictureSpot where Harry Chapin crashed and died
Not exactly. He dies when his aorta was burst by a defect in the seat back. Also there was only one seat belt (his VW was configured with the first year of the VW passive restraint). He had no lap belt adding to the reason he ramped back up and over the seat back
Anonymous @ 2017-07-21 14:35:02
Anonymous pictureBen Roethlisberger's House
Ben, his wife & 3 kids are in the process of buying property & building a new house in the Sewickley (Sewickley Heights) area.
They will be leaving the Gibsonia area as soon as the new house is ready.
jdubble07 @ 2017-07-21 11:00:52
jdubble07 picturePrimm Compound
Currently owned by Phil Ruffin, a Las Vegas based businessman who owns casinos, greyhound racing tracks, oil production, convenience stores, and real estate,
Anonymous @ 2017-07-20 10:48:02
Anonymous pictureKitzingen AAF (Harvey Barracks) (US Army Airfield)
Thus is the USAAF Base in Kitzingen. Previously the home of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd US Infantry Division. Bill Andrews
movieguru @ 2017-07-19 00:54:50
movieguru pictureBrad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Petra Island
Island is currently for sale and the link below has lots of pics.