An extraordinary anniversary of the city’s foundation, its 750th jubilee, prompted that the date be marked in a unique and appropriate manner. A contest was announced in 1981, and the winners were three artists from Šiauliai: A.Černiauskas, R.Jurėla and A.Višniūnas.
Sun Dial Square embodies the tree symbols related to the origins of the city, its history and name: the sun symbolizes the battle of Saulė, which was fought in the vicinity of Šiauliai, while the archer is related to the origin of the city‘s name. A legend tells us that the name of Šiauliai originated from the word "šaulys" meaning an archer.
The symbols of the sun and the archer unite the third one, the time. Hour-counting digits, 12, 3 and 6, are cast into the square floor. The sequence of the digits forms the figure 1236, i.e. the year when the name of Šiauliai was mentioned for the first time.
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By: AlbinoFlea
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