The XTW-4 is the latest XTW series craft that was developed by CSSRC. Its design is similar to the XTW-1 and 2, so apparently the different tail layout of the XTW-3 was not successful. For the first time CSSRC is using turboprop engines in its WIG craft. Two PT-6A-15AG turboprops run the 5 blade propellers. The XTW-4 was launched in september 1999 and by early 2000 trails in the Changjiang River were completed.

Unlike the earlier XTW craft the XTW-4 is intended for sea operation. For the construction a new type of high strength, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy has been used. All primary control surfaces of the XTW-4 are operated by rod-cable systems, hydraulics are used to operate the taxiing gear.
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By: kjfitz
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