"Like all the hundreds of other Gravity Hills in the United States, Sylacauga's is a simple optical illusion. The roadbed and the surrounding terrain intersect at such an angle that downhill looks like uphill and vice versa. This Gravity Hill, like the others, has a body of folklore purporting to explain the phenomenon. The guilt-ridden claim Gravity Hill is the site of a Native American burial ground; cars roll the wrong way because ghosts are trying to push intruders off their land. Others claim Gravity Hill is the site of a buries meteorite with a powerful magnetic force. They may be thinking of the Sylacauga Meteorite, which isn't magnetic and which is now on display, above ground, in Tuscaloosa. Urban sprawl has destroyed many Gravity Hills as grading and paving smooth out the natural terrain, but Sylacauga's is still hanging on, for now."
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