Hattusa was the capital of the Hittite Empire. The earliest traces of settlement on the site is from the Sixth Millennium BC. The city was destroyed around 1200 BC, leading to the collapse of the Hittite empire.
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By: Hinkkanen
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@ 2008-10-26 19:44:47
not helpful at all. I need at map of the actual location of Hattusa for school not a picture of whats inside it.
Parabellum picture
@ 2008-10-27 08:19:43
Well, you could always click the little button that says "Map".

There's also a link to the Wikipedia article on Hattusa on this very page, and the exact Latitude and Longitude (40.01991200, 34.61506100) are also here.

Not to mention this line: Location: Boğazkale, Turkey (TR)