The 420 acre (1.3 kmĀ²) Loudon Park Cemetery was incorporated in 1853 on the site of "Loudon." the estate of James Carey, a Baltimore merchant, city councilman, and founder of the Maryland National Bank. With a spacious Roman entry-arch on Frederick Avenue, it was built on an elevated plateau.

Veterans' graves distinguish Loudon Park. "Government Lot" was acquired by the Federal Government in 1861 for the remains of Union soldiers, 2300 eventually being buried there. An army sergeant domiciled in a cemetery cottage kept watch over the plot for many years. Some 275 Confederate soldiers were buried in a section designated "Confederate Hill." Burials began when lot holders donated plots in 1862, midway through the Civil War, the Cemetery subsequently exchanging these plots to insure a uniform section.

Among those buried here are, Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, H. L. Mencken, Ottmar Mergenthaler, and Mary Young Pickersgill.
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