The Vought F7U Cutlass was a United States Navy carrier-based jet fighter and fighter-bomber of the early Cold War era. It was a highly unusual, semi-tailless design, allegedly based on aerodynamic data and plans captured from the Arado company at the end of World War II, though Vought designers denied any link to the German research at the time. The F7U was the last aircraft designed by Rex Beisel, who was responsible for the first fighter ever designed specifically for the US Navy, the Curtiss TS-1 of 1922.

Other aircraft:

Douglas A-4M (Skyhawk) Serial No: 158182
Consolidated YF2Y-1 (Seadart) Serial No: 135764
Grumman F9F-2 (Panther) Serial No: 127120
North American FJ-4B (Fury) Serial No: 143568
Vought F7U-3 (Cutlass) Serial No: 129642
Lockheed F-80C (Shooting Star) Serial No: 33824
Vought F-8B (Crusader) Serial No: 143806
Piasecki HUP-2 (Retriever) Serial No: 128517
Sikorsky UH-34D (Seahorse) Serial No: 145694
Bell UH-1V (Iroquois) Serial No: Unknown
Messerschmitt Me-262B-1a/U4 (Schwalbe) Serial No: Unknown
Lockheed TV-1 (Training Star) Serial No: 133824
Grumman C-1A (Trader) Serial No: 146034
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