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"Crows Feet" etched into Surface To Air Site
'Saddam Hussein Gymnasium' by Le Corbusier
1st Cavalary
1st Cavalary in Baghdad
2003-07-22 - Uday and Qusay's Last Stand
2003-12-13 - Saddam's Capture Farm
2005-08-31 - Al-Aaimmah bridge: Hundreds die in stampede
2006-06-07 - Best Guess to location Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed
2006-12-30 - Saddam Hussein Execution location
2015 Khan Bani Saad bombing
A destroyed An-12 Transport
A Destroyed Transport
A Large Pile Of Discarded Iraqi Aircraft
A line of bomb craters in desert near Al Taqadudum
A Village No More (N.E. Iraq)
Abandoned fortifications from the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88)
Abu Ghraib Prison
Adhaim Dam
Adits in Iraqi Countryside
Aero L-29 Delphin in Desert
Agargouf Ruins
Ahtbah Sinkhole - Khasfa Mass Graves
Aircraft far from airstrip
Airliner missing wing in Baghdad
Airplane in flight over Baghdad
Airplane, downtown Bagdad
Al Anbar launch site
Al Asad airfield
Al Duhok Stadium
Al Karkh Stadium
Al Kashafa Stadium
Al Kut Stadium
Al Mawsil Stadium
Al Mawsil University Stadium
Al Najaf Stadium
Al Qa Qaa explosive storage bunker complex
Al Qaim Phosphate Processing Plant
Al Qaim SA-2 site
Al Ramadi Stadium
Al Salam Palace
Al Shamiah Army Ammunition Depot
Al Sijod Presidential Palace
Al Sina'a Stadium
Al Sulaimaniya Stadium
Al Taji Airport
Al Talaba Stadium
Al Zawra Stadium
Al-Ahmady mosque
Al-Askari Mosque
Al-Ghazali Cemetery
Al-Kazimiyah Mosque
Al-Ma'adhidy Mosque
Al-Rahman mosque
Al-Rasheed Hotel
Al-Sarafiya bridge
Al-Shaab Stadium
Al-Tuwaitha Nuclear Center
AlMustapha Mosque
Alqosh - twenty five centuries old
Alwiya Club
Amara War Cemetery
American RQ-1 Predator UAVs
Ancient Canal & Husn al-Qadisiyah
Ancient city of Eridu
Ancient city of Sippar
Ancient Hatra
Another Aerovodochody L29 in the Desert
Another Blood-red pool in Baghdad
Another destroyed An-12
Archaelogical Ruins near Baghdad?
Artillery and tents at power generating station in Iraq
Artillery Outside Tikrit
As Samawah Stadium
az-Zubayr naval missile assembly and storage facility
Badush Dam - Construction Halted
Badush prison
Bagdad 'roundabout'
Baghadad International Airport
Baghdad Air Museum
Baghdad Bomb Craters
Baghdad Bomb Craters II
Baghdad Parade Grounds
Baghdad Presidential Palace
Baghdad soldiers
Baghdad Zoo
Baiji Refinery - Destroyed in Battle
Balad Airbase
Barjisiya Oil Field- Ground Flares
Barlock Early Warning Radar?
Bash Tapia Castle (destroyed)
Basra Land
Battle of Fallujah (May 22 – June 28, 2016)
Berms Abound
Berms Arrayed In Oval Patterns
Berms in perfect circle
Berms, Bunkers and Trench systems