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University of St. Andrews
St. Andrews Castle
St. Andrews Castle
Byre Theatre
Deans Court
St Andrews Cathedral Ruins
Saint Andrews Aquarium
Prince William's & Kate Middleton's house (former)
St Andrews cathedral ruins
Barons Group- BMW M5
St. Rule's Tower
St. Andrews Old Railway Bridge
St Andrews Links Clubhouse
'Andrew Melville Hall' by Sir James Stirling
Chariots of Fire - Beach
St Andrews Links
St Andrews Eden Clubhouse
St Andrews Castle Clubhouse
Craigtoun Miniature Railway
English Electric Lightning F.1A
RAF Leuchars (ADX)
F-4 Phantom IIs
RAF Panavia Tornado F3
B-52H Stratofortress
Eurofighter Typhoon
Dairsie Bridge
Dairsie Castle
Troywood - Nuclear command bunker & regional seat of government