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Anonymous picture
@ 2005-05-02 12:31:38
It isn't Newport News It is across Hampton's Roads at Sewell's Point on the Norfolk Naval Base, Piers 11 & 12 In Norfolk Virginia
stilicho picture
@ 2005-05-07 03:30:44
Yep, this is Naval Station Norfolk. The top carrier looks to be CVN-71 (USS Harry S Truman), but I can't make out a number on the lower carrier, and that combined with the boxy structures on deck makes me suspect it was the then-yet-to-be-commissioned USS Ronald Reagan, CVN-76 (which has been added to the fleet and stationed in San Diego).

It could also be the Enterprise, Eisenhower, Carl Vinson, or George Washington. They all have basically similar profiles; all except the first are Nimitz class.

If you back out a little then navigate to the NW you can find Newport News. Unsurprisingly it's a lower-quality image -- this is where they're building the future CVN-77 (USS George H.W. Bush), the next-generation carrier, which will look a little different.
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-05-24 00:57:45
As I'm emailing this from San Diego onboard CVN 76, I can tell you for sure that she is also a Nimitz Class Carrier.
Analogman picture
@ 2005-07-13 21:04:47
Couple of notes Dan. CVN 71 is the Theodore Roosevelt. The Truman is 75. It's not the Enterprise (wrong island structure) and the Carl Vinson in stationed in Washington. Also noteworthy is that the carrier at Pier 13 (formerly 12) has a nice, fresh coat of nonskid and a new paint job on the flight deck while the ship at pier 12 (formerly 11) is rather worn looking from many landings and much abuse and, from the structures on her deck, in the process of undergoing maintenance.
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-12-16 14:07:15
The top one is CVN-73, the George Washington. You can just make out the 3 on the bow.