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AKpilotEMT picture
@ 2005-11-24 15:12:23
There's no city there. Not even a town or a village. The U.S. Census lists the population as... oh wait, they don't have Thanksgiving, Maryland in their database. There's no post office which doesn't necessarily mean it's not a town/city... but if you do an internet search for "Thanksgiving, MD" or Thanksgiving, Maryland" you come up with essentially nothing. Why the USGS lists Thanksgiving, Maryland as a populated place is surely a mystery because there's no town there. I'd have to overrule this submission... unless it's changed from city to something else like Place That's Not a Poplated Village, Town or City (The USGS has tons of places like that they claim are populated places when there's actually no town there to call a city!)
kjfitz picture
@ 2005-11-24 16:00:08
Wow, you obviously feel very strongly about this.

I added it to the "abandoned" category. The USGS lists lots of places that were once populated that no longer have any sign of current or former habitation.

It is just a my GGT way of celebrating the holiday.
AKpilotEMT picture
@ 2005-11-25 02:02:55
It was a good Thanksgiving tribute. I liked seein' all those places with the Thanksgiving name in it.

I think a bad precedent could be set by calling any USGS-listed "Populated Place" a city. Like I said, for the U.S. there are a TON of places that are listed as such... but if you just do a few minutes of checking like a simple Google search and/or check you can see how a gazillion "Populated Places" have no zip code of their own, no police department, no town hall, no mayor, no "Welcome to" sign on the way into "town" - no people.

They're generally not ghost towns. They're not all truly abandoned as in all the people over time just left and now no one lives where once people did. I don't know what the thinking is by the USGS but quite simply many "Populated Places" just ain't cities, not even small towns, not even a village of 10 or 12 people! To me it's sort of a bizarre chin-scratcher when it comes to those places. One thing's for sure is I'll bet the national debt that if you get in your car and try to go to the city of Thanksgiving, Maryland you won't find it 'cause it doesn't exist.

And that's my 2ยข on categorizing every "Populated Place" as a city. Hope y'all had a fine Thanksgiving!
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@ 2006-02-28 12:00:44
I e-mailed the Historical Society of Talbot County (HSTC) about this a while back. My inquiry:

I was hoping that someone at HSTC could either give me some information or point me to a reference where I could find out some information about an area of Talbot County listed as Thanksgiving on USGS topographic maps. The area is between Newcomb and Maxmore creeks, near the eastern intersection of MD 33 and MD 329. Specifically, I was curious as to the source of the name Thanksgiving, the geographic extent of the area, and whether or not the area ever had a post office.

= = =

Their response:

I had my super sleuth volunteer look into Thanksgiving, but she couldn't find a thing. I would guess it was someone's private property - we have all sorts of colorfully named estates around here. But I'm surprised that it isn't in any of our records.

= = =

This may prove to be a stubborn nut to crack... but I suspect that CW might be right in that at best, Thanksgiving is a place name of some sort, but was never a full fledged town.