Military Wednesday - Russian ABM-3 Anti-Ballistic Missile System

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Military Wednesday - Russian ABM-3 Anti-Ballistic Missile System

Wednesday, Aug 11 2010 by kjfitz
The A-135 or ABM-3 anti-ballistic missile system is a Russian military complex deployed around Moscow to counter enemy missiles targeting the city or its surrounding areas. It became operational during 1995. A successor to the previous A-35, it is compliant with the 1972 ABM Treaty which the US unilaterally withdrew from in 2002.

An integrated system, it is composed of:

- 'Hen House' radars at Mishelevka (Irkutsk), Olenegorsk, Sary Shagan, Kamchatka and Abalakova, near Krasnoyarsk.

- The Pushkino Don-2NP (NATO reporting name : 'Pill Box') large battle-management phased-array radar with 360º coverage for the long-range interceptors supplementing the 'Dog House' and 'Cat House' radars.

- Two Daryal-type (NATO: 'Pechora') bistatic phased-array early warning radars, deployed at Pechora and Qabala radar in Qabala, Azerbaijan. Five other Daryal sites have never been completed.

- The ABM-3 phased-array short-range battle management radar, replacing the 'Try Add' radars.

- 16 launchers of long-range SH-11 'Gorgon' exoatmospheric interceptor missiles at two launch sites with eight missiles each originally designed with nuclear warheads. Comparable to LIM-49A Spartan (at least in function).

- 68 launchers of short-range SH-08 'Gazelle' endoatmospheric interceptor missiles at five launch sites with 12 or 16 missiles each, though designed originally with nuclear warheads. Designed by NPO Novator, similar to US Sprint missile.

- Command, communications and intelligence services.