Novelty Saturday - Twistee Treat

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Novelty Saturday - Twistee Treat

Saturday, Jan 7 2012 by kjfitz

Twistee Treat is a franchised chain of ice cream restaurants, founded in 1983 in North Fort Myers, Florida. The restaurants are characterized by buildings shaped in the form of soft-serve ice cream cones.

The original company, which had 23 locations in Florida, went into bankruptcy in the early-1990s. A new Twistee Treat company, based in Warrensburg, Missouri, was formed in 1996. As of 1999, the new company had 35 locations in Florida and Missouri. The company also sold a franchise to a Chatham, Ontario-based company that year. Currently, there is also a Twistee Treat in East Peoria, Illinois.

Some Twistee Treat locations also sell hot food (under the "Express Grill" name) and gourmet coffee. Sometimes there is live music and at nights the lines might stretch across the whole parking lot.