Photo Safari #105 - Results

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Photo Safari #105 - Results

Thursday, Aug 8 2013 by kjfitz
There were some really solid results in this week's safari. A lot of competition too. jbottero started out really strong but once adrbr rev'ed up his engines there was no catching up. jbotterro made a last minute push but it wasn't quite enough. adrbr took first with jbottero in second. Only four points separated the next three finishers but Fab had the most and took third. Well played everyone. A big thank you to everyone who played.

Here are the final standings:

249 maps submitted.

adrbr - 106 points
jbottero - 86 points
Fab - 16 points
kkeps - 14 points
Mike1989 - 12 points
WacoKidd110 - 8 points
Touringfmhome - 7 points

Here are a few of my favorites: