Photo Safari #41 - Results

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Photo Safari #41 - Results

Wednesday, Feb 22 2012 by kjfitz

This was a high volume contest. With 555 posts it was second only to the "Large Named Ships" safari. For quite a while it looked like our newest safari participant LAADER was going to finally be the one to unseat Matheus_ until Matheus_ kicked it into high gear with a couple late night posting floods. Welcome to the fray LAADER! WacoKidd110, another regular in the top three, filled in for a solid third place. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The final results are:

555 maps submitted.

Matheus_ - 301 points
LAADER - 144 points
WacoKidd110 - 76 points
Mieguy - 14 points
kkeps - 11 points
daggerwell - 8 points
adrbr - 1 points

Check back in at midnight for a new type of meta-safari in a whole new place!