Photo Safari #65 - Results

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Photo Safari #65 - Results

Wednesday, Aug 15 2012 by kjfitz
Ok, I'm bettin' you thought this Safari died (get it?). Nope, this pause in the Safaris is brought to you by old age and (possibly) early Alzheimer.

You folks did a great job on the cemeteries. kkeps pulled out a solid first. Mr collections, WacoKidd110, came in a safe second with Mike1989 bringing up third. Good job guys!

The final results are:

104 maps submitted.

kkeps - 50 points
WacoKidd110 - 37 points
Mike1989 - 12 points
Matheus_ - 3 points
adrbr - 2 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Return at midnight tonight and we'll cross over to the other side!