Safari #115: Event Monuments and Memorials

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Safari #115: Event Monuments and Memorials

Thursday, Apr 16 2015 by kjfitz
It has been almost a year since our last Photo Safari. So let's dust off the 'Safari Submission' category and get cranking.

This time we'll be going after monuments and memorials recognizing specific events. All map services apply, GM, GE, SV, GB, LL, BEV, and YM but the preference is for good Street View thumbnails.

Your mission is to find free standing monuments, memorials, and statues recognizing, remembering, or commemorating events that happened on a specific date. If you can put a date or dates on it and it isn't a person, then it counts.

Post your finds to the Street View - Safari Submission category and at least one other appropriate category. The safari ends at midnight on Tuesday, April 21. You must include the date(s) of the event and a short description of what the event in your description. If the event covered multiple dates, please include both the start and end date in your description. For Wars please use the accepted start and end dates from WikiPedia (usually listed in a box on the right side of the page). Credit is given for a SV submission even if there is already a GM/GE, LL, BEV, or YM submission.

You can track the progress of the hunt on the Games Page.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples: