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BermudaBreeze @ 2014-10-09 23:09:57
BermudaBreeze pictureGeorge Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's House
I Believe this property has just been purchased by George Clooney.
BermudaBreeze @ 2014-09-24 10:52:07
BermudaBreeze pictureJeremy Clarkson's House
He still lives here. The new house is not even built yet...
BermudaBreeze @ 2014-09-21 23:59:09
BermudaBreeze pictureRingo Starr’s House (Rydinghurst)
BermudaBreeze @ 2014-09-16 10:35:33
BermudaBreeze pictureCoco Chanel's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2013-08-01 12:17:57
BermudaBreeze pictureDesmond Llewelyn's House (former)
Yes that's why the world 'late' is in my description !!
BermudaBreeze @ 2013-03-14 06:24:16
BermudaBreeze pictureRichard Hammond's House
Well your understanding is incorrect. He lives in "Bollitree Castle" which is specifically in the village of Western-Under-Penyard.... a few miles incidentally from Ross-on-Wye.
BermudaBreeze @ 2013-02-14 23:44:06
BermudaBreeze pictureOscar Pistorius' House
BermudaBreeze @ 2013-02-14 00:11:54
BermudaBreeze pictureAdele's House
Not sure why I am wasting my valuable time justifying my posts, however on this occasion I will.

1. It was widely reported in the media last year that Adele had moved to Western Esplanade, a simple Google search of “Adele Western Esplanade” will confirm this. Obviously this is not proof in itself as news media often publish incorrect information.

2. Adele is a Registered company Director she lists this location as her address.

3. Planning...
BermudaBreeze @ 2013-02-13 12:22:18
BermudaBreeze pictureRichard Branson's House
It is owned by Richard Branson !!
BermudaBreeze @ 2012-07-25 07:39:57
BermudaBreeze pictureKatherine Jackson’s House
BermudaBreeze @ 2012-06-10 01:13:20
BermudaBreeze pictureMatthew McConaughey's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2012-06-09 05:18:20
BermudaBreeze pictureRobert De Niro's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2012-05-21 12:10:44
BermudaBreeze pictureRobin Gibb's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2012-05-20 11:45:08
BermudaBreeze pictureSimon Cowell's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2012-04-15 11:10:41
BermudaBreeze pictureHarry Styles' House
BermudaBreeze @ 2012-03-24 00:28:45
BermudaBreeze pictureGeorge Harrison's House (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2012-02-25 23:48:00
BermudaBreeze pictureAdele's House (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-11-26 22:31:47
BermudaBreeze pictureAndy Gray's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-11-23 04:56:04
BermudaBreeze pictureNoel Gallagher's House
The 'Shiling' name can be seen on street view

BermudaBreeze @ 2011-09-03 05:10:41
BermudaBreeze picturePark Place (Britian's most expensive house)
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-08-17 10:51:52
BermudaBreeze pictureAmon Göth's house at Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-07-10 05:51:30
BermudaBreeze pictureBear Grylls' House
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-06-18 09:07:07
BermudaBreeze pictureAyrton Senna's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-05-16 04:35:47
BermudaBreeze pictureDominique Strauss-Kahn's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-05-02 10:54:30
BermudaBreeze pictureOsama Bin Laden Compound as seen on BBC
great! well that confirms the bbc location
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-05-02 09:30:28
BermudaBreeze pictureOsama Bin Laden Compound as seen on BBC
Sky News has the compound North of the Kakul academy not south which contradicts the BBC location
News Video below.

BermudaBreeze @ 2011-05-02 08:46:43
BermudaBreeze pictureOsama Bin Laden Compound as seen on BBC
Hi, Yes maybe the BBC have it right..Not sure yet though. The property in the BBC location
appears not to have any other builldings/properties around it, where as in the news reports/videos
it does.

Unless the google imagry is very old??...
BermudaBreeze @ 2011-02-19 05:15:11
BermudaBreeze pictureAndy Murray's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-12-31 08:58:10
BermudaBreeze pictureKate Moss' House
Hi Moderators, Apologies the URL appears not to work can you replace with the one below:

many thanks
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-12-05 07:03:21
BermudaBreeze pictureJustin Bieber's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-12-01 11:25:16
BermudaBreeze pictureHarry Redknapp's House
Diddi, Redknapp still owns this house. You may be getting his houses confused. Redknapp did own a home very close to this one in Branksome Park, which he sold to Pompey defender Hermann Hreidarsson.
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-11-19 11:30:03
BermudaBreeze pictureLady GaGa's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-11-09 11:27:40
BermudaBreeze pictureSienna Miller's house (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-11-05 10:47:35
BermudaBreeze pictureTina Turner's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-10-29 11:20:41
BermudaBreeze picture'Sea Lane House' by Marcel Breuer
Nice post and nice house......I actually live on this road.
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-09-26 03:57:40
BermudaBreeze pictureLisa Marie Presley's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-08-21 06:46:18
BermudaBreeze pictureCliff Richard's House
Thanks for your feedback..however you are incorrect. This is his home..
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-07-26 10:58:26
BermudaBreeze picturePeter Andre's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-07-21 10:53:16
BermudaBreeze pictureChristie Brinkley's House
Hi moderators, please do not delete this map. You previously removed as a duplicate. It is not. It is next door to Keith Richards house.....thanks.
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-03-27 05:36:15
BermudaBreeze pictureRingo Starr's House (Sunny Heights)
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-03-06 23:59:49
BermudaBreeze pictureJordan (Katie Price) and Peter Andre's House (former)
Yes I is already mapped on this site
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-03-01 23:27:54
BermudaBreeze pictureAshley & Cheryl Cole's House (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-02-22 12:44:22
BermudaBreeze pictureAshley and Cheryl Cole's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-02-19 04:14:07
BermudaBreeze pictureAshley & Cheryl Cole's House (former)
They actually own two propertys perhaps the picture you are refering to, is their country home in Guildford. Also newspapers not allways correct.
BermudaBreeze @ 2010-02-17 10:20:50
BermudaBreeze pictureRafael Benitez's House
according to planning permission and building regulations data, the property is NOT divided into apartments i.e. it is one house.
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-12-08 11:06:20
BermudaBreeze pictureBernie Ecclestone's House (Chalet Le Lion)
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-12-07 06:09:25
BermudaBreeze pictureJohnny Halliday's house
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-12-07 05:00:56
BermudaBreeze pictureRoman Polanski's House (Chalet Milky Way)
The swiss TeleAtlas maps show a more upto date view of the recently built chalet, where the cream coloured patio area can be more clearly seen.
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-12-07 04:57:28
BermudaBreeze pictureRoman Polanski's House (Chalet Milky Way)
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-11-29 13:04:01
BermudaBreeze pictureBrian May's House
Picture of Brian sitting in front of his miniature observatory built is his back garden. The observatory can be seen in the Birds eye view.
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-11-15 23:40:45
BermudaBreeze pictureSultan of Brunei's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-11-10 11:45:50
BermudaBreeze pictureAnt McPartlin's House
Oh ok..thanks. I wondered what was happening.
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-11-10 11:18:23
BermudaBreeze pictureAnt McPartlin's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-11-01 03:02:22
BermudaBreeze picturePablo Picasso's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-10-15 04:34:45
BermudaBreeze pictureAshley & Cheryl Cole's House (former)
Land Registry data
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-10-03 02:29:01
BermudaBreeze pictureRichard Branson's House
The Villa ’Lake Como XIII’ can be rented for euro 115k per week
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-09-22 07:45:20
BermudaBreeze pictureAshley & Cheryl Cole's House (former)
No, Imagery in Birds eye view is more unto date than Google maps, at least in this case. Google shows the original home that was knocked down in order to build this one.
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-09-19 09:43:57
BermudaBreeze pictureCristiano Ronaldo's House
Yes he is living in Madrid, he does however still own this house.
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-09-15 10:31:37
BermudaBreeze pictureDawn French and Lenny Henry's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-08-08 07:39:59
BermudaBreeze pictureAmy Winehouse's House (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-02-22 01:32:05
BermudaBreeze pictureAngus Young's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-02-08 00:08:47
BermudaBreeze pictureScarface Mansion
I would guess the house was only used for the external shots. Its likley that the internals were a movie set. however this link has some pics of the inside.
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-01-08 08:14:21
BermudaBreeze pictureHeather Mills McCartney's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-01-05 11:08:35
BermudaBreeze pictureMark Owen's House
Yes he does have a home in Wandsworth, which I have now mapped..
BermudaBreeze @ 2009-01-04 10:46:09
BermudaBreeze pictureBrian May's House

It may be, there are some stories around dating back to 2002 that he had or was going to purchase a property in Ravenshead. However I am unable to find any reliable information to confirm this.
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-11-16 11:03:35
BermudaBreeze pictureRingo Starr's House
No...he live's about half a mile away...
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-11-15 09:05:48
BermudaBreeze pictureSimon Cowell's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-11-12 23:43:47
BermudaBreeze pictureRobbie Williams' House
To be honest, unless they are of particular interest I tend not to keep a track of the lives of these people so he may have moved out, I don’t know.

But for your information, his primary residence is in Beverly Hills California.
Tip333 house his house mapped.
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-11-12 23:35:07
BermudaBreeze pictureSimon Cowell's House
Hi boruch..

His house is actually opposite this one and to the right. I posted the wrong thumb image. I will try to update it later.
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-08-29 14:43:44
BermudaBreeze pictureCliff Richard's House (Former)
Yes he did live in "Charters", he also formerly lived in this home on Yaffe Rd home.
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-08-21 13:00:52
BermudaBreeze pictureSteven Gerrard's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-08-21 13:00:18
BermudaBreeze pictureSteven Gerrard's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-08-19 13:40:28
BermudaBreeze pictureGeorge Harrison's House (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-08-19 13:33:24
BermudaBreeze pictureAnne Robinson's House (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-08-16 13:44:47
BermudaBreeze pictureKate Bush's House
The following article contains a photo of the property:
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-07-13 08:44:08
BermudaBreeze pictureSky writing
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-07-12 12:51:36
BermudaBreeze pictureRod Stewart's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-07-08 14:32:27
BermudaBreeze pictureTony Blair's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-06-09 14:42:47
BermudaBreeze pictureGeorge Harrison's House (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-06-07 10:14:56
BermudaBreeze pictureLisa Stansfield's House (Former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-06-02 14:01:53
BermudaBreeze pictureKeith Richard's House (Villa Nellcote)
Some pics of the stone's at Nellcote
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-06-01 13:37:26
BermudaBreeze pictureSting's House
Sting's Web site about the property
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-06-01 12:07:31
BermudaBreeze pictureNoel Gallagher's House
Some more information on the property
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-05-30 14:29:03
BermudaBreeze pictureRoman Abramovich's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-05-27 13:01:36
BermudaBreeze pictureSean Connery's House
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-05-23 14:24:52
BermudaBreeze pictureMike Oldfield's House (former)
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-05-09 01:29:06
BermudaBreeze pictureTina Turner's House
Yes, her home in France is in Villefranche-sur-Mer. I have mapped this home also.
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-05-08 13:24:12
BermudaBreeze pictureTina Turner's House
Tina's home chateau algonquin can be briefly seen on this YouTube video from the Oprah show.
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-04-14 12:52:57
BermudaBreeze pictureJeremy Clarkson's House
He had to remove it after the council objected !!
BermudaBreeze @ 2008-01-25 04:26:36
BermudaBreeze pictureEric Clapton's House (Hurtwood edge Estate)
The Brian May URL you have posted is actually the URL for Hurtwood edge. Brian May's home is in Windlesham.
BermudaBreeze @ 2007-12-29 13:02:35
BermudaBreeze pictureWayne Manor (Batman residence)
According to recent Reports this house has just been purchased by ex Beatle Paul McCartney for $7.6 million
BermudaBreeze @ 2007-12-24 03:57:58
BermudaBreeze pictureHouse for Sale - $165,000,000
This house was also used as the home of Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard movie
BermudaBreeze @ 2007-12-24 02:15:28
BermudaBreeze pictureScarface Mansion
Yes its definatly in California, Listing agent, was HARRY KOLB, of Sotheby's International Reality. The home has lots of history. Author, THOMAS MANN, had ALBERT EINSTEIN and WINSTON CHURCHILL as guests it was also scene for the wedding of CHARLIE CHAPLIN and OONA O'NEILL.
BermudaBreeze @ 2007-12-22 06:33:35
BermudaBreeze pictureTittenhurst Park
This is not Tittenhurst..Its actually the home next to it..