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kjfitz @ 2013-04-06 09:33:45
kjfitz pictureGothenburg Mosque
Inside Karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-04-06 09:31:31
kjfitz pictureMosque
Sorry, but the rules require the name of the mosque. Post it in the comments and we'll give you gredit in the safari.
kjfitz @ 2013-04-04 10:00:04
kjfitz pictureGuy flipping off Google
Welcome to VGT!
kjfitz @ 2013-04-02 19:22:30
kjfitz pictureSkatehal Arnhem
Mega awesome karma! This goes on my favorites list.
kjfitz @ 2013-04-02 16:01:50
kjfitz picturePaint Testing Field
I wish we could have a scavenger hunt for these types of posts but I have no idea how I'd run it. Fun post. Thanks.
kjfitz @ 2013-03-31 12:52:58
kjfitz pictureNorth Salt Lake Skatepark
Mid-air karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-03-28 20:12:29
kjfitz pictureLanding in Leeds (Airlines?)
kjfitz @ 2013-03-27 14:06:59
kjfitz pictureObservation Bunker Devils Slide
Devil's Slide was the location of a military triangulation station and observation site used during World War II as part of the harbor defense of San Francisco. Prior to the advent of radar, military personnel would use binoculars and compasses to search for ships at sea and relay their coordinates to a central post. By combining information from multiple observation posts, a ship's precise location could be determined by triangulation. There were six military structures at the Devil's Slide:...
kjfitz @ 2013-03-27 14:03:56
kjfitz picture"Devil's Slide" - Tom Lantos Tunnels (under construction)
kjfitz @ 2013-03-14 20:08:22
kjfitz pictureHonorary Consulate of Norway in Szczecin
Not quite an embassy but we'll let this one through.
kjfitz @ 2013-03-11 11:52:07
kjfitz pictureSanta locomotive on a Christmas tin
Yeah! Kristmas Karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-03-11 09:41:46
kjfitz pictureVanilla Ice Project Season 3 House
Welcome back!
kjfitz @ 2013-03-07 10:24:37
kjfitz pictureLocomotives at Nuremberg Transport Museum
Museum karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-03-05 20:15:02
kjfitz pictureCat looking through a fishbowl
Kat karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-03-04 13:44:46
kjfitz pictureDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS) Port Isabel Processing & Detention Center
A jbottero's name gets automatically added to "the list" in some dark recess of the Homeland Security.

kjfitz @ 2013-02-28 16:23:54
kjfitz pictureKunsan Air Base Fighter Jet
I think you meant F-16.
kjfitz @ 2013-02-28 12:32:28
kjfitz pictureFormer St Mary Abbot's Hospital
Please make sure that you grab a square image when you create your thumbnail. Otherwise you'll get a distortion (squeezed) image when VGT displays the thumbnail.
kjfitz @ 2013-02-27 19:24:46
kjfitz pictureMLK, Jr. assassination site/Lorraine Motel
kjfitz @ 2013-02-26 09:12:58
kjfitz picture2011 Tour de France
TDF karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-02-25 15:35:08
kjfitz pictureGraffiti by Banksy
A classic Banksy!
kjfitz @ 2013-02-22 10:59:24
kjfitz pictureUSNS Spearhead (JHSV-1)
Thanks! Fixed.
kjfitz @ 2013-02-22 09:06:49
kjfitz pictureThe Float at Marina Bay
Two censored areas off to the west a little ways. Its been a while since I've seen censored imagery. Of course, the same imagery is in the clear in Google Maps. :/
kjfitz @ 2013-02-21 13:53:49
kjfitz picture"Da Vinci Code" Filming Location
This might not be a valid map for the safari. Which category did you think it fit?

Graffiti, Celebrity Images, Art Shows, Sports, Identifiable Art in Museums, Planes, Trains, Animals, Pedal-craft, Public Safety, Ship Parts, Large Named Ships, Temporary Retail, Construction Equipment, Castles and Forts, Google Car Reflections, Flags other than the French National Flag, Celebrations, Statues of Famous People, Museums, Wineries and Breweries, World War II, Stadiums and Sports...
kjfitz @ 2013-02-20 08:15:06
kjfitz pictureKe$ha's House
Hey! Welcome back. I missed you.
kjfitz @ 2013-02-14 08:13:39
kjfitz pictureHong Kong at night
Cute Santa's helpers to the right.
kjfitz @ 2013-02-14 08:12:55
kjfitz pictureTower crane and bicycle sculptures
Three in one karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-02-13 08:25:29
kjfitz pictureLos Angeles class submarine leaving Guam
I'm guessing the two tugs returning in the harbor were its escorts. Rare find.
kjfitz @ 2013-02-11 11:03:12
kjfitz pictureMarguerite Yourcenar
Obscure karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-02-10 13:01:02
kjfitz pictureGeneral Atomics MQ-9 Reaper from Creech AFB
Wow! Great find!
kjfitz @ 2013-02-10 11:41:47
kjfitz pictureMalcom X
Graffiti karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-02-05 09:26:06
kjfitz pictureBoeing X-45
Great find!
kjfitz @ 2013-02-04 07:39:29
kjfitz pictureFlags of the World
Mega flag kudos!
kjfitz @ 2013-02-01 15:07:37
kjfitz pictureBosque Alemão
Welcome back!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-31 19:39:14
kjfitz pictureFlag of the United States mural
Mural karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-25 20:20:51
kjfitz pictureSantos Dumont Airport (SDU) Runway
Moderators proclaim this "Best Airport Post Ever!"
kjfitz @ 2013-01-23 20:05:43
kjfitz pictureLand Rover test track
Test track karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-23 20:04:51
kjfitz pictureLaurel Hill tunnel test facility entrance
Kool Karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-22 12:16:47
kjfitz pictureGM Proving Ground
Test track karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-18 21:41:53
kjfitz pictureHonda UK Motocross test track
Test track karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-18 14:09:53
kjfitz pictureSouthport Carousel
Welcome to VGT. Nice first post.
kjfitz @ 2013-01-18 11:27:24
kjfitz pictureCasual Friday?
There's an interesting URL on the whiteboard in the back meeting room:


kjfitz @ 2013-01-18 08:12:14
kjfitz pictureRoyal Military Academy Sandhurst vehicle test track
Test track karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-18 08:11:57
kjfitz pictureLand Rover test track
Test track karma! (There aren't many SV types in this category either.)
kjfitz @ 2013-01-18 08:09:12
kjfitz pictureTyne and Wear Metro, Test Track (Abandoned)
Test track Karma with added abandonment points!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-17 14:10:48
kjfitz pictureMichelin - Almería test tracks
Test track karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-11 09:31:21
kjfitz picturePacific Collector - DOD Missile Defense Agency
kjfitz @ 2013-01-10 13:55:24
kjfitz pictureSolar Energy Generating Systems SEGS VIII and SEGS IX
kjfitz @ 2013-01-08 07:48:51
kjfitz pictureGreat Trench, the ancient Phoenicians dry dock
Ancient karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-07 08:59:34
kjfitz pictureActive Former WWII Drydock
Welcome to VGT! Your first post is in a Safari. Awesome.
kjfitz @ 2013-01-05 16:56:11
kjfitz pictureFormer drydock converted to a pond
Konversion Karma!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-04 22:18:29
kjfitz pictureFloating LEGO drydock
Lego kudos!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-03 09:38:46
kjfitz picturedrydock
Are you submitting these for the contest? If so you have not been setting adding them to the Safari Submission category.
kjfitz @ 2013-01-02 09:24:34
kjfitz picturePyramid of the Ha! Ha!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-02 09:23:48
kjfitz picturePyramid of the Ha! Ha!
Made out of 3000 yield signs!
kjfitz @ 2013-01-02 09:21:45
kjfitz pictureVolvo Trucks North America test track
Please be sure to turn off labels on your maps before making your thumbnail. Thanks!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-30 15:03:51
kjfitz pictureOld computer and keyboards
Antique karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-26 08:49:47
kjfitz pictureReynolda House
Welcome to VGT!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-23 19:56:17
kjfitz pictureSmallest museum in Denmark
Oddball Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-20 14:59:49
kjfitz pictureSexmuseum
Odd museum karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-20 14:59:37
kjfitz pictureThe Fan Museum
Odd museum karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-20 14:58:14
kjfitz pictureIsraeli National Maritime Museum
Karma for the cool lighthouse Fresnel lens out front!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-20 08:58:28
kjfitz pictureMuseu do Automóvel de Curitiba
Outside (sort of) display karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-20 08:58:07
kjfitz pictureBarney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum
Outside display karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-14 22:46:59
kjfitz pictureTortillas
Flat karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-14 11:43:20
kjfitz pictureDeadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School
Very sad.
kjfitz @ 2012-12-14 08:09:45
kjfitz pictureBread and cheese
Two for one karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-13 14:31:28
kjfitz pictureCharles Schwab's House
Note the entrance to an underground garage behind the house.
kjfitz @ 2012-12-13 09:47:58
kjfitz pictureOaksterdam University mural
kjfitz @ 2012-12-04 08:32:26
kjfitz pictureChristmas aprons
Kudos for the snowman with a top hat.
kjfitz @ 2012-12-04 08:00:37
kjfitz pictureSanta and his reindeer
Mega kudos!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-02 10:08:20
kjfitz pictureSanta and his reindeer
Mega kudos!
kjfitz @ 2012-12-01 10:15:02
kjfitz picturePolyphon music box
Sorry. while its in a Christmas shop a music player isn't Christmasy by itself.
kjfitz @ 2012-11-30 19:36:00
kjfitz pictureMerry Christmas
Oops. You missed the Mega Kudos 180 degrees from this thumbnail!
kjfitz @ 2012-11-27 13:07:08
kjfitz pictureRCS Polecap
This is an RCS polecap:

"The silvery stretched pumpkin seed shape ... is a "polecap". ... The polecap is used during calibration of the main pylon. The shape of the pylon is so stealthy, that only the very tip of the pylon ends up being a significant source of signal return. To minimize this, a precisely shaped polecap is placed on the tip of the pylon to eliminate any radar returns from this spot. Then, once the very small return from the pylon is accurately determined and the...
kjfitz @ 2012-11-27 12:59:09
kjfitz pictureShrouded Wing
After loading the image, refresh your browser
and look quickly. If you're lucky, you'll see two
of the covered birds.

Or you can turn off 45 degree view too.
kjfitz @ 2012-11-25 18:01:52
kjfitz pictureHelendale RCS Test Range
The latest imagery is *very* high resolution and shows a lot of detail of the blockhouse, elevator and pylon at the north end of the range.
kjfitz @ 2012-11-25 16:39:25
kjfitz pictureNorthrop Grumman X-47B model
Much higher resolution 45 degree imagery update.
kjfitz @ 2012-11-12 12:55:20
kjfitz pictureSculpture of a child playing with a frisbee
Kreative kudos.
kjfitz @ 2012-11-12 08:31:12
kjfitz pictureYoga
Sorry. I don't think that person is doing yoga. I see another person's arm on their shoulder. They may just be standing there talking.
kjfitz @ 2012-11-08 20:38:04
kjfitz pictureSmall plane landing
I'm sorry. This scavenger hunt is only for Street View imagery.
kjfitz @ 2012-11-08 11:20:35
kjfitz picturePorky Gulch Classic
Kudos! Now that's my kind of an event!
kjfitz @ 2012-11-05 10:36:06
kjfitz pictureParà
Sorry, this is too close to another scavenger hunt submission for the same category.
kjfitz @ 2012-10-31 11:03:38
kjfitz pictureSuperyacht SKAT in Kopenhagen
Welcome back!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-26 13:52:09
kjfitz pictureFloating Building
Sorry. While it is interesting architecture it doesn't look like it was designed to be any specific object (bottle, animal, etc.)
kjfitz @ 2012-10-26 13:51:02
kjfitz pictureGrass Roof
Sorry. While it is interesting architecture it doesn't look like it was designed to be any specific object (bottle, animal, etc.)
kjfitz @ 2012-10-26 13:50:08
kjfitz pictureZentrum Paul Klee Museum
Sorry. While it is interesting architecture it doesn't look like it was designed to be any specific object (bottle, animal, etc.)
kjfitz @ 2012-10-23 21:28:47
kjfitz pictureAir Force One and back up plane at Seoul AB
Welcome back!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-22 11:00:01
kjfitz pictureWater buffalo
Reproductive Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-18 08:10:38
kjfitz pictureStar Wars Stormtrooper Guarding Google Data Center
Welcome back!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-17 20:42:28
kjfitz pictureHarvard
kjfitz @ 2012-10-17 20:34:23
kjfitz pictureKeyArena
kjfitz @ 2012-10-16 07:47:05
kjfitz pictureElf goddess graffiti
Kartoon Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-16 07:46:57
kjfitz picturePuto graffiti
Kartoon Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-16 07:46:51
kjfitz pictureLucha Libre graffiti
Kartoon Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-15 16:02:12
kjfitz pictureGraffiti
Kartoon Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-15 16:02:05
kjfitz pictureGraffiti
Kartoon Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-15 16:02:02
kjfitz pictureGraffiti
Kartoon Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-15 16:01:57
kjfitz pictureGraffiti
Kartoon Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-15 16:01:52
kjfitz pictureGraffiti
Kartoon Karma!
kjfitz @ 2012-10-15 16:01:48
kjfitz pictureGraffiti
Kartoon Karma!