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Wednesday, Nov 10 2010 by

Today at 11:16:24am PST, 5 years, 5 months, and 29 days after the first map was submitted, VirtualGlobetrotting reached an amazing milestone:

The 100,000th map was submitted!

James Mattei's house (former) (Birds Eye)
James Mattei's house (former)

Congratulations to Champion3 for submitting the 100,000th map!

And thank you, everyone, who has participated in our community by submitting maps, being a moderator, or even just stopping by.

This was also Champion3’s 1,719th map. Impressive!

I also awarded Champion3 a special Achievement:

* Note: The map’s number is 104,692 as there have been 4,692 maps that were removed from the database for various reasons.