Art Tuesday - Hillside Letters from A to Z

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Tuesday, Jan 26 2010 by

Hillside letters are giant letters emblazoned on hundreds of hillsides. These letters, representing towns and schools in hundreds of locations across the American West, are symbols of school or hometown pride and local identity.

Here we’ve assembled a complete collection from A to Z. (Sorry about ‘X’. There are actually no known examples of stand-alone ‘X’ hillside letters in the US.)

A Mountain (Google Maps)
A Mountain

'B' (Google Maps)
'C' (Google Maps)

Mountain 'D' (Google Maps)
Mountain 'D'

'E' (Google Maps)

Florence "F" (Bing Maps)
Florence "F"
Reno 'G' (Birds Eye)
Reno 'G'

'H' (Google Maps)
'I' (Google Maps)

'J' (Google Maps)
'K' (Google Maps)

'L' (Google Maps)
El Paso M (Google Maps)
El Paso M

Reno 'N' (Birds Eye)
Reno 'N'
'O' (Google Maps)

Mountain 'P' (Google Maps)
Mountain 'P'
'Q' (Google Maps)

Reno 'R' (Birds Eye)
Reno 'R'
Sparks 'S' (Birds Eye)
Sparks 'S'

'T' (Google Maps)
University of Utah's U (Birds Eye)
University of Utah's U

'V' (Google Maps)
'W' (Google Maps)

Phoenix Writing (Birds Eye)
Phoenix Writing
BYU's Y (Bing Maps)

'Z' Mountain Letter (Google Maps)
'Z' Mountain Letter