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The Boeing 747SP is a modified version of the Boeing 747 jet airliner which was designed for ultra-long-range flights. The SP stands for “Special Performance”. Compared with its predecessor, the 747-100, the 747SP retains its wide-body, four-engine layout, along with its double-deck design, but has a shortened fuselage, larger tailplane, and simplified trailing edge flaps. The weight saved by the shortened fuselage permits longer range and increased speed relative to other 747 configurations.

747-SP painted in Air Force One scheme (Birds Eye)
747-SP painted in Air Force One scheme

Boeing 747SP-21 (Birds Eye)
Boeing 747SP-21
Boeing 747SP-21 (Qatar Amiri Flight) (Birds Eye)
Boeing 747SP-21 (Qatar Amiri Flight)

Boeing 747SP-68 (Bing Maps)
Boeing 747SP-68

Boeing 747SP-J6 (Google Maps)
Boeing 747SP-J6

Boeing 747SP-68 (Saudi Arabian Royal Flight) (Google Maps)
Boeing 747SP-68 (Saudi Arabian Royal Flight)
Boeing 747SP-27 (Oman Royal Flight) (Google Maps)
Boeing 747SP-27 (Oman Royal Flight)

Boeing 747SP-70 (Google Maps)
Boeing 747SP-70
Boeing 747SP-44 (Bing Maps)
Boeing 747SP-44

Boeing 747SP (P4-FSH) (Google Maps)
Boeing 747SP (P4-FSH)