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Friday, Mar 26 2010 by

Over the years here at VGT I’ve seen many interesting sites posted. I enjoy researching an ‘interesting’ site and eventually discovering what it is. Sometimes I find a site that can’t be researched. On very rare occasions I find a site that others have researched as well and come up against a dead end.

Here is the site that I have found most mysterious and difficult to research. A very long thread on the Google Earth Forums has discussed this site to exhaustion.

This facility is reached by passing through a Coast Guard base in suburban Virginia not far from the capital.

C4IT Service Center US Coast Guard (Google Maps)
C4IT Service Center US Coast Guard

Here are a few of the observations made to date:

  • there is a double fence all the way around
  • there are very sophisticated motion detectors around the inner perimeter of the inner fences
  • every corner of the building has floodlights
  • there are three remote control gates with an entrapment area
  • there is a large retractable vehicle barrier built into the ground between the outer fences
  • there are no windows
  • the building has large garage doors
  • in some of the imagery a caravan of three widely spaced black SUVs can be seen arriving at the site
  • in one image a black SUV can be seen emerging from the garage doors
  • the facility exists in even the oldest imagery in Google Earth
  • an inner courtyard surrounded by large windows furnished with chairs, tables and umbrellas
  • some vehicles in the parking lot don’t move even from year to year
  • evenly spaced standpipes through the roof suggest cells with plumbing
  • no major air conditioning which rules out secure communications or computing facilities

Most intriguing though are the two other courtyards. Each is partitioned, each has a fixed set of furniture that looks to be non-movable, and each has floodlights / cameras in the corners. These enclosures also have limited windows and doors.

The best guess ‘consensus’ is that it is a government detention facility for a very small number of high value detainees.

But we may never know its real use…