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Thursday, Aug 15 2013 by

Let’s go shopping! Actually let’s explore Google Business imagery. You can find this imagery by looking for orange dots while dragging the Peg Man icon across Google Maps. Some really dense collections of them can be found in major capitals like Tokyo, London, and New York. Other mid-sized cities have concentrations that have yet to be explored though. Plan your strategy accordingly.

This Scavenger Hunt will last two weeks. It will end at 0659 UTC on Wednesday, August 28.

Good luck and happy hunting!

List of categories for the Google Business Scavenger Hunt


Rules and Notes:

Unless otherwise noted below only one submission from a geographic location may be submitted. If another user submits to a category from a specific store (orange dot) you may not submit for that same category from the same store (orange dot).

Unless otherwise noted with a “NOTE 1” pictures, ads, murals, art, or other depictions are acceptable.

NOTE 1: Must be an actual item. No pictures, ads, murals, art, or other depictions.


Mona Lisa (StreetView)
Mona Lisa


'The Scream' by Edvard Munch (StreetView)
'The Scream' by Edvard Munch

NOTE 4: May be an actual computer with a view of the screen, or an ad, poster, boxed operating system.


Maneki-neko (StreetView)

NOTE 6: Include the exact date in the description field

NOTE 7: Include the first paragraph of the WikiPedia article in the description field and link in More Info.


NOTE 9: Example:

Google camera (Canon EOS) (StreetView)
Google camera (Canon EOS)