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Alec Baldwin is a proud father of seven, Hollywood legacy, and philanthropist. He’s been in the acting business since he was 22, and has earned the reputation as a great actor (with a hot temper). But in the last few years, he’s had a renewed lease on life, with his wife Hilaria and their six kids.

Today, he celebrates his 63rd birthday, so let’s wish the dad, actor, producer, comedian, and musical narrator a happy birthday!

Amagansett, NY

It’s likely Alec is spending his birthday in his gorgeous farmhouse in Amagansett, in the Hamptons. His wife, Hilaria, and their six children live here full-time, especially because Covid restricts their travel. He spends time at his NYC apartment and another Hamptons home when he’s working to reduce exposure to the kids, but he would definitely come home for cake and ice cream, right?

The waterfront house was originally built in 1756, and has been remodeled and added onto over the years. Alec bought the house in 1995, and he and Hilaria undertook significant renovations after their marriage. They made sure the home has an open farmhouse feel that both pays homage to the era and area it was built, and makes raising their growing family as fun and as easy as possible.

Alec Baldwin's House (Birds Eye)
Alec Baldwin's House

Penthouse Apartment in NYC

When Alex started dating Hilaria in 2011, he bought a 12th floor penthouse apartment in the Devonshire House, in Greenwich Village. He paid $11.7 million for the 4,000 square foot home. Hilaria bought an adjacent apartment for an additional $1.2 million, bringing the home to close to 5,000 square feet.

As if that weren’t enough, he bought one more unit on the floor for an additional $1.3 million, to make a massive penthouse that has high-end appliances, marble and hardwood finishes, and other luxury amenities throughout.

Alec Baldwin's apartment (Google Maps)
Alec Baldwin's apartment

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

A true New Yorker, Alec Baldwin has been involved in the city’s vibrant theater and music industries since the 1980s. He has been the host of the New York Philharmonic This Week, a weekly syndicated radio program, since 2009.

The program is recorded at David Geffin Hall at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The hall had earlier been named Avery Fisher Hall, but in 2014, the organization renamed it as part of a fundraising campaign. David Geffin donated $100 million to Lincoln Center, and the hall was renamed after him.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (Google Maps)
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

30 Rock

While Alec’s career has spanned decades, most younger people know him for his seven season run as Jack Donaghy on NBC’s show 30 Rock, which is set at a fictionalized NBC television comedy show. Alec won several awards for his work on the show, from Emmys to Screen Actors Guild awards.

The name of the show came from the location of NBC’s studios, located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, or “30 Rock.” The location is famous; the largest building at Rockefeller Center, which is an iconic part of downtown New York. Quintessential NYC activities like outdoor dining in the summer and ice skating in the winter all happen at the Center.

It’s fitting that the show that renewed Alec’s career was about NYC, as he’s a true New Yorker through and through.

NBC Studios (StreetView)
NBC Studios

Amityville, New York

Alec grew up in the Long Island town of Amityville, which has become famous in the retelling of a 1974 murder and subsequent haunting of the home where the murders took place.

The small town was the scene of a terrible murder when Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed the six members of his family in their home in 1974. A year later, another family moved into the home, but quickly moved out claiming the house had paranormal activity.

The story was turned into book, and then into a series of horror films that have made the town famous, or infamous. The house, while still easy to find, has been renovated, had its address changed, and resold, to discourage thrill-seeking tourists.

Amityville Horror home (Birds Eye)
Amityville Horror home

With his East Hamptons house and NYC penthouse, his wonderful family, and awesome career, it’s a safe bet that Alec will have a wonderful time celebrating his birthday today, no matter where he blows out the candles. Happy Birthday, Alec!