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Tuesday, Apr 14 2009 by

Occasionally I come across sites that defy all attempts to explain. The following three sites are ones that have been discussed by others in various forums and still remain unexplained. No one has yet come up with definitive explanations or documentation describing the purpose of each site.

Site 1 – Potential Secret Government Detention Facility

This site must be accessed by passing through a Coast Guard base but it is not part of the base. This discussion dissects the site piece by piece and leaves me with the impression that it is a very high security detention facility for a very small number of people. Inward facing perimeter defenses, exercise yards, mysterious black SUV convoy, etc. I can’t find any reference to the site other than in these forums.

C4IT Service Center US Coast Guard (Google Maps)
C4IT Service Center US Coast Guard

Site 2 – Unusual North Korean Mountain Bunker

This mountain has a round hole on top and three evenly spaced portals around the mountain. The portals do not have access roads leading to them. They look a lot like blast vents around a launch pad. I have no idea what the site is. The December 2003 imagery in GE is the most detailed. The site is surrounded by SAM sites but there are surprisingly few AA batteries near the mountain. The hole on the top has a clam-shell door that is closed in the 2000 imagery and open in the subsequent three versions of imagery. I haven’t found any discussion of the site.

North Korean underground facility (Google Maps)
North Korean underground facility

Site 3 – Strange Features in a Chinese Proving Range

These lines are not image artifacts. If you zoom in on them you’ll see vehicle tracks on them and around them. The area for miles in each direction has other oddities. I’ve collected many of the oddities in this GE Forums post. There is another extensive disccussion here.

Strange lines on a mountain (Google Maps)
Strange lines on a mountain

Can you provide any additional information to the investigations? This is really the ultimate Find-It game for those who wish to use their investigative skills.