New Live Maps 3D cities released

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Friday, Apr 27 2007 by

The Virtual Earth / Live Spaces blog writes that there is a big updated on Live Maps today. Seven new and updated 3D cities were published: Calgary, Redmond, Buffalo, Beaverton, Portland, Swindon and Brighton.

They also mention that birds eye and aerial imagery was updated too. As soon as they provide a solid list we’ll update here as well.

Let the hunting begin!

P.S. — Tune in soon for a scavenger hunt. We’ll be posting a list of interesting maps we want you to find (new submissions only!), and there will be prizes for the globetrotter that finds the most. Look for updates on this next week.

Updated 04/27/2007 1:57PM PDT
The Virtual Earth / Live Spaces Blog updated their list of cities with new and updated satellite and birds-eye imagery. Cool!