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Saturday, Jan 15 2011 by

A protest expresses a strong reaction of events or situations. The term protest usually now implies a reaction against something, while previously it could also mean a reaction for something. Protesters may organize a protest as a way of publicly and forcefully making their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy, or may undertake direct action in an attempt to directly enact desired changes themselves.

Spanish fishermen protest (30.05.2008) (StreetView)
Spanish fishermen protest (30.05.2008)

Tamil Protest in Toronto (StreetView)
Tamil Protest in Toronto
Protest in Ravenna (StreetView)
Protest in Ravenna

Ecological protest in Paris (OGM) (Google Maps)
Ecological protest in Paris (OGM)

Protesters March on the World Bank (Birds Eye)
Protesters March on the World Bank

Street Protest in Paris! (StreetView)
Street Protest in Paris!
Protest in London (StreetView)
Protest in London

Protest (StreetView)
Labor Dispute Protest Sign (StreetView)
Labor Dispute Protest Sign

Iraq protest (StreetView)
Iraq protest