November 2007 Wrap-Up

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Tuesday, Dec 4 2007 by

Top Map Submitters

tlp333, kjfitz and neotrix are the top 3 submitters for November 2007 (keep them coming!), with regulars boothy443 and Pdunn submitting many great maps as well:

  1. tlp333 – 311 maps
  2. kjfitz – 191 maps
  3. neotrix – 141 maps
  4. boothy443 – 68 maps
  5. Pdunn – 57 maps

Most Popular Maps

Celebrity homes reign as the most viewed maps again last month:

Sean Taylor's House (Birds Eye)
Sean Taylor's House
Carrie Underwood's House (Birds Eye)
Carrie Underwood's House
John Krasinski's House (Former) (Birds Eye)
John Krasinski's House (Former)
Johnny Depp's House (rumored) (Google Maps)
Johnny Depp's House (rumored)
Rashida Jones' house (Birds Eye)
Rashida Jones' house

What’s your favorite map?

What was your favorite map from last month, either your own or someone else’s? Post a comment!

Live Local or Google Maps (or Yahoo Maps)?

Virtual Earth (Live Local) is becoming increasingly the most popular service for new maps — driven primarily by their amazing Birds Eye View imagery. Take a look at November 2007’s maps submitted by service:

  • Live Local – 839 maps (779 Birds Eye View)
  • Google Maps – 239 maps (29 Street View)
  • Yahoo Maps – 39 maps

Here’s a graph of number of maps submitted for Live Local and Google Maps, per month:

Number of maps submitted per month, by service