Peope-Doing-Things Scavenger Hunt

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Thursday, Sep 11 2014 by

The scavenger hunt returns! This hunt is dedicated to the people. People doing things. We’ll stick with Street View, Business View, and Photo Spheres in Google Street View.

The rules for this one are easy… no pictures, photos, or images. Everything has to be a person captured in Google’s imagery.

Scavenger Hunts are contests to see who can find the most maps in a list of categories.

To participate, you simply submit maps as normal, then select the scavenger hunt category you are submitting to. Once a moderator approves your map, you automatically get points for that category.

The user with the most points at the end of the hunt wins!

The Scavenger Hunt will end at midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, September 23.

Good luck and happy hunting!


Link to the scavenger hunt is HERE.