Photo Safari #104 - Results

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Thursday, Aug 1 2013 by

jbottero demolished it this week with his second first place finish. Good job. adrbr started strong but couldn’t survive jbottero’s onslaught and finished in a solid but distant second. Mike1989 secured a safe third place.

Thanks to everyone who made this a fun safari!

The final results are:

182 maps submitted.

jbottero – 110 points
adrbr – 59 points
Mike1989 – 10 points
Fab – 2 points
WacoKidd110 – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Playing paintball (StreetView)
Playing paintball

Paintball (StreetView)
Paintball field (Google Maps)
Paintball field

Paintball (StreetView)

Paintball Paradise (Google Maps)
Paintball Paradise

Skirmish USA paintball field (Google Maps)
Skirmish USA paintball field
Paintball Delta Force (StreetView)
Paintball Delta Force

Paintball sign (StreetView)
Paintball sign
Safari Ridge Paintball (StreetView)
Safari Ridge Paintball

Paintball (StreetView)