Photo Safari #106 - Results

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Wednesday, Aug 14 2013 by

That was another fun safari. Some of you got quite imaginative. Fab takes his second first place finish this week. Congrats! Mike1989 secures second and daggerwell squeaked by in third place.

Tune back in at midnight tonight for a great big new Scavenger Hunt!

The final results are:

83 maps submitted.

Fab – 39 points
Mike1989 – 21 points
daggerwell – 8 points
kkeps – 7 points
Touringfmhome – 4 points
WacoKidd110 – 3 points
adrbr – 1 points

'Attack of the Crab Monsters' (1957) (StreetView)
'Attack of the Crab Monsters' (1957)

Blue whale model at Aquarium of the Pacific (StreetView)
Blue whale model at Aquarium of the Pacific
Tetraodontidae (StreetView)

"Whale" Weather vane (StreetView)
"Whale" Weather vane

Nautilus shell (StreetView)
Nautilus shell

Pterois (StreetView)
Fish-shaped bicycle rack (StreetView)
Fish-shaped bicycle rack

Shark jawbone (StreetView)
Shark jawbone
Fishermen & their catch (StreetView)
Fishermen & their catch

Giant octopus of Ariake (StreetView)
Giant octopus of Ariake