Photo Safari #109 - Results

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Thursday, Sep 26 2013 by

This was a slow and relaxed safari. Elephants must not be easy to hunt. We did get some good ones among the 40 maps submitted however. Fab took uncontested position in first place. daggerwell and Xeba73 tied in second with Mike1989 just behind in third. Thanks to all who played.

Check back tomorrow for another mega-sized scavenger hunt!

The final results are:

40 maps submitted.

Fab – 16 points
daggerwell – 7 points
Xeba73 – 7 points
Mike1989 – 4 points
adrbr – 3 points
WacoKidd110 – 3 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ganesha (StreetView)

Giant Reclining Ganesha (StreetView)
Giant Reclining Ganesha
Giant elephant (StreetView)
Giant elephant

Giant elephant sculpture (StreetView)
Giant elephant sculpture

Elephant sculpture (StreetView)
Elephant sculpture

Odell Brewing Co IPA sign (StreetView)
Odell Brewing Co IPA sign
Zodiac elephant (StreetView)
Zodiac elephant

Delerium Tremens sign (StreetView)
Delerium Tremens sign
Ganesha (StreetView)

Elephant sculptures (StreetView)
Elephant sculptures