Photo Safari #11 - Bicycles and other Pedal Craft

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Thursday, Jul 21 2011 by

Welcome to the Eleventh Photo Safari!!

Help me get in the mood for my adventure next month and hunt down some bicycles. Actually, to make it more interesting, lets say anything people powered with pedals. Satandard bicycles are absolutely fine but also look out for unicycles, tricycles, quadracycle, pedal boats, ghost bikes, pedicabs… be creative. Karma points for the most unique, interesting or out of the usual posts. For instance can anyone find a penny farthing?

Post your submissions to Street View -> Vehicle – Misc for credit.

Penny-farthing bicycle (StreetView)
Penny-farthing bicycle

The The Pedersen bicycle (StreetView)
The The Pedersen bicycle
Pedal Car (StreetView)
Pedal Car

Pedal car (StreetView)
Pedal car

Twike (StreetView)

Pedicab (StreetView)
Tandem Bicycle (StreetView)
Tandem Bicycle

Faired recumbent bicycle (StreetView)
Faired recumbent bicycle
Recumbent tadpole tricycle (StreetView)
Recumbent tadpole tricycle

Ghost Bike (StreetView)
Ghost Bike

Happy hunting!