Photo Safari #11 - Results

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Wednesday, Jul 27 2011 by

Best ever Photo Safari!! Huge participation, an avalanche of great posts and karma flowing everywhere. The race started strong and everyone seemed out to win this one. In the end adrbr won by one post. Great job everyone!

259 maps submitted.

adrbr – 74 points
daggerwell – 73 points
WacoKidd110 – 59 points
Tyco – 27 points
kkeps – 14 points
kuressaare – 7 points
Dania – 3 points
LancelotLink – 1 points
Parabellum – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Penny-farthing bicycle (StreetView)
Penny-farthing bicycle

Penny Farthing (StreetView)
Penny Farthing
Twike (StreetView)

Velotaxi (StreetView)

Railroad bicycles (StreetView)
Railroad bicycles

Railroad bicycles (StreetView)
Railroad bicycles
Pedal boat (StreetView)
Pedal boat

Bicycling in San Francisco (StreetView)
Bicycling in San Francisco
Unusual bicycle (StreetView)
Unusual bicycle

Quadracycle (StreetView)
Alice Swanson's Ghost Bike (StreetView)
Alice Swanson's Ghost Bike

Old bicycle (StreetView)
Old bicycle
Wooden balance bike (StreetView)
Wooden balance bike

Bicycle Art (StreetView)
Bicycle Art

Tune back in at midnight when we fire up the next safari!