Photo Safari #16 - Results

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Wednesday, Aug 31 2011 by

This safari didn’t set any records but we had a solid competition with some very good posts. You started slow and the race was pretty competitive until a day ago when WacoKidd110 started pulling way out front. Good job all of you!

Final Standings:
157 maps submitted.

1. WacoKidd110 – 71 points
2. adrbr – 47 points
3. daggerwell – 28 points
4. LancelotLink – 9 points
5. giove – 2 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Lego Crane (StreetView)
Lego Crane

Road roller - Pneumatic roller (StreetView)
Road roller - Pneumatic roller
Excavator in action (StreetView)
Excavator in action

Trackhoe with vibratory pile driver (StreetView)
Trackhoe with vibratory pile driver

Crane (StreetView)

Rock crusher (StreetView)
Rock crusher
Crane delivering building materials (StreetView)
Crane delivering building materials

Cherry picker (StreetView)
Cherry picker
Concrete pump (StreetView)
Concrete pump

JCB Vibromax roller (StreetView)
JCB Vibromax roller

Tune back in at midnight for another princely safari!