Photo Safari #17 - Results

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Wednesday, Sep 7 2011 by

Another great safari is in the bag. You posted some high quality castles. adrbr held a commanding lead from the start while kuressaare held tightly onto second. The real competition was for third with WacoKidd110 clinching it on the last day. Well played everyone. On a side note, I was waiting but never saw anyone post a “White Castle.”

Final Standings:
333 maps submitted.

1. adrbr – 141 points
2. kuressaare – 64 points
3. WacoKidd110 – 37 points
4. daggerwell – 32 points
5. Effi – 23 points
6. kkeps – 20 points
7. kaiken – 7 points
8. giove – 1 points
8. milwhcky – 1 points
8. Parabellum – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Castillo de Santueri (StreetView)
Castillo de Santueri

Château de Montrottier (StreetView)
Château de Montrottier
Castillo de Grajal de Campos (StreetView)
Castillo de Grajal de Campos

Castle (StreetView)

Castle Village and the Enchanted kingdom Park (StreetView)
Castle Village and the Enchanted kingdom Park

Dizzy's Castle (StreetView)
Dizzy's Castle
Macadamia Castle (StreetView)
Macadamia Castle

Castle Otttis (StreetView)
Castle Otttis
Children bouncing in "Plymouth Castle" (StreetView)
Children bouncing in "Plymouth Castle"

Okayama Castle (StreetView)
Okayama Castle

Tune back at midnight when we’ll reflect on another safari!