Photo Safari #19 - Results

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Wednesday, Sep 21 2011 by

I really thought this category might have already been picked over pretty well considering the rarity of these oversize objects. Once again you surprised me. Excellent hunting people! And the race was quite competitive. Of course adrbr, once he started, moved into a strong first but the second and third places were in contention until the last few hours. Effi and WacoKidd110 fought it out for second while kkeps, daggerwell, kaiken, and kuressaare all fought a strong battle for third. We also had nine participants! Well played all of you.

In the end the final standings are:

Final Standings:
207 maps submitted.

1. adrbr – 68 points
2. Effi – 36 points
3. WacoKidd110 – 33 points
4. kkeps – 18 points
5. daggerwell – 17 points
6. kaiken – 13 points
6. kuressaare – 13 points
7. LancelotLink – 6 points
8. Tyco – 2 points

(nic, is off enjoying a well deserved break. When he returns we’ll straighten out last week’s messed up numbers. Thanks for your patience with that. We fixed this week’s numbers in this post by adding one to Effi for his last minute post.)

Here are a few of my favorites:

Giant Matchbook "Mistos" (StreetView)
Giant Matchbook "Mistos"

Giant shark (StreetView)
Giant shark
Giant Globe (StreetView)
Giant Globe

Giant Murray Cod (StreetView)
Giant Murray Cod

Giant Praying Mantis (StreetView)
Giant Praying Mantis

Giant Conifer Cone (StreetView)
Giant Conifer Cone
Big Maneki Neko (StreetView)
Big Maneki Neko

Giant motorcycle helmet (StreetView)
Giant motorcycle helmet
Giant bunch of grapes (StreetView)
Giant bunch of grapes

Big Watermelon statue (StreetView)
Big Watermelon statue
Giant Radio Flyer wagon (StreetView)
Giant Radio Flyer wagon

Giant arm with cars (StreetView)
Giant arm with cars
Giant Strawberry (StreetView)
Giant Strawberry

Giant Paper Clip (StreetView)
Giant Paper Clip
World's Largest Cherry Pie Pan (StreetView)
World's Largest Cherry Pie Pan

Big Crab (StreetView)
Big Crab
Giant bread (StreetView)
Giant bread

Big Bicycle (StreetView)
Big Bicycle

Tune back in at midnight for another damn safari!