Photo Safari #20 - Results

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Wednesday, Sep 28 2011 by

Wow. This what a safari. An early flurry of posts left perennial front-runner adrbr in the dust. kaiken quickly moved into a strong lead and never looked back. The real battle was for second with Effi squeaking out the win by one post. Welcome to both Tyco and kaiken to the top three for the first time. Congratulations to kaiken too for setting a record for the number of posts for first place.

The final standings were (and these should be correct this time):

512 maps submitted.

1. kaiken – 204 points
2. Effi – 113 points
3. Tyco – 112 points
4. daggerwell – 28 points
5. kkeps – 19 points
6. WacoKidd110 – 16 points
7. adrbr – 10 points
8. kuressaare – 6 points
9. LancelotLink – 4 points

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Beaver dam (StreetView)
Beaver dam

Beaver dam & lodge (StreetView)
Beaver dam & lodge
Beauharnois Dam & Hydroelectric Power Station (StreetView)
Beauharnois Dam & Hydroelectric Power Station

Beervlei Dam (StreetView)
Beervlei Dam

Hartbeespoort Dam (StreetView)
Hartbeespoort Dam

Grangent Dam (StreetView)
Grangent Dam
Lac du Mont Cenis Dam (StreetView)
Lac du Mont Cenis Dam

Terradets Dam (StreetView)
Terradets Dam
Lake Vyrnwy Dam (StreetView)
Lake Vyrnwy Dam

Contreras Dam (StreetView)
Contreras Dam

Tune back in at midnight for an historic safari!