Photo Safari #30 - Wineries and Breweries

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Thursday, Dec 1 2011 by

Welcome to the 30th weekly Photo Safari. Can the Brazilian team be beat? Let’s see.

This week we’ll be hunting down spirits – wineries and breweries in Street View to be more precise. Entrance gates are fine because I know a lot of wineries are up at the end of long private drives. For breweries skip the ‘brew pubs’ unless there are visible brewing vats. There are just too many fake brew-pubs now days that don’t really brew their own beer. Also acceptable (and Karma for) wine or beer making paraphernalia (vats, presses, barrels, etc.) Be sure to think beyond California and France. There are wineries all over the place.

Post your finds to Street View – Buildings – Retail and Dining for credit. The safari ends at midnight on Tuesday December 6.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Heredad Ugarte Winery (StreetView)
Heredad Ugarte Winery

Wine Press (StreetView)
Wine Press
Picchetti Ranch Winery (StreetView)
Picchetti Ranch Winery

Wine press (StreetView)
Wine press

Vrouwe van Stavoren with the wine cask-rooms (StreetView)
Vrouwe van Stavoren with the wine cask-rooms

Aass Brewery (StreetView)
Aass Brewery
Harveys Brewery (StreetView)
Harveys Brewery

Wadworth Brewery (StreetView)
Wadworth Brewery
Batemans Brewery (StreetView)
Batemans Brewery

Ringwood Brewery (StreetView)
Ringwood Brewery