Photo Safari #35 - Let's Go To The Movies

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Thursday, Jan 5 2012 by

Its movie time! This week you’re taking us to the movies. Your mission is to hunt out movie theater and cinema marquees with readable movie titles on them. Please include the name of the movie in the Description field and post your maps to Street View – Buildings – Theaters for credit. This safari will end at midnight on Tuesday, January 10.

NOTE: It is Ok if the name of the movie on the marquee is not readable in the thumbnail. In fact the thumbnail should highlight the theater. When we click through to the map though we should be able to read the name of the movie when we zoom in on the marquee.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples.

South Bay Drive-In (StreetView)
South Bay Drive-In

UA movie theater (StreetView)
UA movie theater
Movies (StreetView)

Warner Quad Movie Theater (StreetView)
Warner Quad Movie Theater

Academy Theater (StreetView)
Academy Theater

Chabot Theater (StreetView)
Chabot Theater
Alameda Theater (StreetView)
Alameda Theater

Vine Cinema (StreetView)
Vine Cinema
The El Capitan Theatre (StreetView)
The El Capitan Theatre

The Stage (StreetView)
The Stage