Photo Safari #36 - Sightseeing

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Thursday, Jan 12 2012 by

OK folks, something different this week. We’re all going on a road trip. You mission is to track down as many interesting tourist attraction, roadside attractions, Americana, or anywhere else a tourist may want to visit. Please avoid generic tourist shops and restaurants unless they have very distinctive or novelty decor. The less “institutional” the better. (Hint, the links above have pointers to some great examples.) Karma for cool sites out side of the US. More karma for really odd or interesting attractions.

Try to include a More Info link along with your post. A description helps people know why it is interesting. Post your finds to their own appropriate category as well as the new Street View – Safari Submissions category. (I’ll empty the category before each new safari.) The safari will end at midnight Tuesday, January 17.

NOTE: If we think it is too generic or not a unique tourist site we’ll change your category and put “generic” in the comments. So keep these sites interesting.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Wall Drug Dinosaur (StreetView)
Wall Drug Dinosaur

McDonald's Happy Meal (StreetView)
McDonald's Happy Meal
Alien Research Center (StreetView)
Alien Research Center

Mont Saint-Michel (StreetView)
Mont Saint-Michel

Candy Airliner (StreetView)
Candy Airliner

Giant M & Ms (StreetView)
Giant M & Ms
World's Largest White Pine Log (StreetView)
World's Largest White Pine Log

Giant Coca Cola can (StreetView)
Giant Coca Cola can
Labatt Blue Beer Can (StreetView)
Labatt Blue Beer Can

Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Boring Machine (StreetView)
Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Boring Machine