Photo Safari #41 - Tunnel Portals

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Thursday, Feb 16 2012 by

This week I have a new subject for you. Tunnel portals in Street View; the entrance to a tunnel. Nothing fancy but not all that common either. Karma for ones with murals or especially interesting art. Don’t limit yourselves to auto tunnels. Can you find pedestrian and train tunnels too?

Be sure you get the portal (the entrance) and not just a random shot of the interior of the tunnel.

Post your finds to Street View – Safari – Submissions and Buildings – Tunnels for credit. The safari will end as usual next Tuesday at midnight.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel (StreetView)
Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel

Piana Tunnel (2590 m) (StreetView)
Piana Tunnel (2590 m)
Atlantic Ocean Tunnel (StreetView)
Atlantic Ocean Tunnel

Blackwall Tunnel (StreetView)
Blackwall Tunnel

Folgefonn Tunnel (StreetView)
Folgefonn Tunnel

Johnson Tunnel 1979 (StreetView)
Johnson Tunnel 1979
Kjørbo Tunnel (StreetView)
Kjørbo Tunnel

Bay Bridge - Yerba Buena Tunnel (StreetView)
Bay Bridge - Yerba Buena Tunnel
Bellows Falls Tunnel (StreetView)
Bellows Falls Tunnel

Arnao tunnel (StreetView)
Arnao tunnel