Photo Safari #52 - U-Haul Murals

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Thursday, May 3 2012 by

A year ago there was an informal flood of U-Haul murals, the regional and historical ads on the side of U-Haul trailers and trucks. They gave me the inspiration for the Photo Safari. As we approach the one year anniversary of the Photo Safari it seems appropriate to return to the source. This week your mission is to find as many clear, crisp, and complete thumbnails of U-Haul murals. The murals should be clear enough to read the larger text. See the examples to better understand what I’m talking about.

Post your finds to Street View – Safari Submission and Street View – Vehicle – Cars and Trucks for credit. The safari will end at 0700 UTC on Wednesday, May 9.

Here are a few examples:

U-Haul SuperGraphics #118 - Virginia (StreetView)
U-Haul SuperGraphics #118 - Virginia

U-Haul #104 - Newfoundland (StreetView)
U-Haul #104 - Newfoundland
U-Haul #98 - Washington (StreetView)
U-Haul #98 - Washington

U-Haul #110 - Idaho (StreetView)
U-Haul #110 - Idaho

U-Haul (Classic Series) - Florida (StreetView)
U-Haul (Classic Series) - Florida

U-Haul #96 - South Dakota (StreetView)
U-Haul #96 - South Dakota
U-Haul #123 - South Carolina (StreetView)
U-Haul #123 - South Carolina

U-Haul - Air Force (StreetView)
U-Haul - Air Force
U-Haul #88 - Oklahoma (StreetView)
U-Haul #88 - Oklahoma

U-Haul #113 - Alabama (StreetView)
U-Haul #113 - Alabama