Photo Safari #56 - Candy!

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Thursday, May 31 2012 by

This week you mission is to exercise your sweet tooth! I’m looking for candy. Actual candy, candy ads, candy companies, candy vendors, candy art, fake candy, real candy, etc.

Post your finds to Street View – Safari Submission and another appropriate category. If the candy is obscure please post a More Info link. I reserve the right to stop accepting repetitive posts if someone gets stuck in a rut.

Have fun and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Giant candy hearts (StreetView)
Giant candy hearts

Giant chocolate bar (StreetView)
Giant chocolate bar
Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe (StreetView)
Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe

NECCO Plant (StreetView)

Once famous Clark candy bar sign (StreetView)
Once famous Clark candy bar sign

Hershey Kiss street light (StreetView)
Hershey Kiss street light
Log Cabin Candies (StreetView)
Log Cabin Candies

Dylan's Candy Bar (StreetView)
Dylan's Candy Bar
Candy seller (StreetView)
Candy seller

Anthropomorphized Hershey's Kiss (StreetView)
Anthropomorphized Hershey's Kiss