Photo Safari #60 - All American!

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Thursday, Jun 28 2012 by

This week we’re going Red, White and Blue. Bunting, murals, signs, ads, painted buildings, anything except real American flags. Paintings of flags however are fair game. It needs to be in the United States and it needs to be pained patriotically. Patriotic murals, signs and slogans count even if they aren’t strictly red, white and blue. Karma for submissions that are clearly Fourth of July related.

Post your finds to Street View – Safari Submission and another appropriate category. The safari ends at 0700 UTC on the 4th of July.

Have fun and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Patriotic Car (StreetView)
Patriotic Car

Patriotic cement mixer (StreetView)
Patriotic cement mixer
Patriotic Wall (StreetView)
Patriotic Wall

Patriotic Water Tower (StreetView)
Patriotic Water Tower

Patriotic El Camino (StreetView)
Patriotic El Camino

Patriotic Vehicle under a US Flag (StreetView)
Patriotic Vehicle under a US Flag
Patriotic House (StreetView)
Patriotic House

Patriotic mural (StreetView)
Patriotic mural
Patriotic garage door (StreetView)
Patriotic garage door

Patriotic mural (StreetView)
Patriotic mural