Photo Safari #62 - Results

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Thursday, Jul 19 2012 by

Yum! That was satisfying. We had low volume but high quality posts. The lead jumped around before settling on Mike189. The fight was for second and in the end daggerwell and soper tied with adrbr and WacoKidd110 pulling close third and fourth places. Kudos to Waco again for such a strong showing while still posting an ever growing number of locomotives. Well done all!

The final results are:

122 maps submitted.

Mike1989 – 32 points
daggerwell – 22 points
soper – 22 points
adrbr – 19 points
WacoKidd110 – 17 points
skyeye – 6 points
kuressaare – 4 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Chicago-style pizza (StreetView)
Chicago-style pizza

Donuts (StreetView)
Pastrami Sandwich (StreetView)
Pastrami Sandwich

Boulanger Patissier (StreetView)
Boulanger Patissier

Spit-roasted chicken (StreetView)
Spit-roasted chicken

Preserved food (StreetView)
Preserved food
Boy eating ice cream (StreetView)
Boy eating ice cream

Pies (StreetView)
Olives & Antipasti bar (StreetView)
Olives & Antipasti bar

Mushrooms (StreetView)

Tune back in at midnight for another date with a safari!