Photo Safari #64 - Results

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Thursday, Aug 2 2012 by

Y’all did a great job this week cleaning up all those victims of the massacres of the week before. You’ve redeemed yourselves. We also had quite a lot of volume. Matheus returned to the lead this week in an almost uncontested first place with Mike1989 in an uncontested second. Rounding it out was skyeye’s first appearance in the top three. Welcome!

The final results are:

231 maps submitted.

Matheus_ – 83 points
Mike1989 – 67 points
skyeye – 33 points
kkeps – 17 points
WacoKidd110 – 16 points
adrbr – 8 points
Mieguy – 6 points
QwertyKPH – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

CALSTAR air ambulance (StreetView)
CALSTAR air ambulance

Ambulance mailbox (StreetView)
Ambulance mailbox
Ambulance (StreetView)

Texas Children's Hospital ambulance (StreetView)
Texas Children's Hospital ambulance

SaludMadrid ambulance (StreetView)
SaludMadrid ambulance

Row of ambulances (StreetView)
Row of ambulances
Medical Examiner Minivan (StreetView)
Medical Examiner Minivan

Fire Department Ambulance (StreetView)
Fire Department Ambulance
Ambulance (StreetView)

Ambulance (StreetView)

Tune back in at midnight when we look for somewhere to stash all these bodies.