Photo Safari #68 - Results

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Thursday, Sep 6 2012 by

It was a slow week with a low number of posts but you folks got pretty creative about where you found your crosses. Good job on that. Mike1989 took an early lead but ended in third after being passed by kkeps and daggerwell who fought it out for first and second.

The final results are:

54 maps submitted.

kkeps – 24 points
daggerwell – 17 points
Mike1989 – 7 points
adrbr – 4 points
WacoKidd110 – 2 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Colorful crucifixion (StreetView)
Colorful crucifixion

Souvenir crosses (StreetView)
Souvenir crosses
Green Jesus (StreetView)
Green Jesus

Man with a cross (StreetView)
Man with a cross

Huichol yarn painting (StreetView)
Huichol yarn painting

Croix lumineuse de la ville de Hull (StreetView)
Croix lumineuse de la ville de Hull
Hillside cross (StreetView)
Hillside cross

Treasure Map mural (StreetView)
Treasure Map mural
Large cross (StreetView)
Large cross

Souvenir cross (StreetView)
Souvenir cross

Tune back in at midnight to be schooled in safariing!