Photo Safari #70 - Let's Go Shopping!

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Thursday, Sep 13 2012 by

We have an easy and interesting change this week. Google has finally made it simple to find all of their Google Inside imagery. Simply zoom down to a level where you can see a block or two and move the little street view man over the map, You’ll see lots of little orange dots. Those dots represent shops with Google Inside imagery.

Your task this week is to post a wide variety of shops, stores, boutiques, etc. Be creative. Karma for really
cool stuff and creative thumbnails. Try to capture the essence of what each store sells. Your title should be the name of the establishment. Post your finds to both Street View – Safari Submission and Street View – Buildings – Indoor. The safari will end at 0700 UTC on September 19.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Undisputed Downtown (StreetView)
Undisputed Downtown

Gruhn Guitars Inc (StreetView)
Gruhn Guitars Inc
Bauman Rare Books (StreetView)
Bauman Rare Books

Gregg's Cycle Shop (StreetView)
Gregg's Cycle Shop

Inside Comics Toons N Toys (StreetView)
Inside Comics Toons N Toys

Dylan's Candy Bar (StreetView)
Dylan's Candy Bar
Vintage Les Paul guitars (StreetView)
Vintage Les Paul guitars

Inside The Tintin Shop (StreetView)
Inside The Tintin Shop
Village Chess Shop (StreetView)
Village Chess Shop

Boxing Gym (StreetView)
Boxing Gym